Ok, so there’s this article on MSNBC talking about Megan Fox, and in his article the guy seems to imply that Angelina Jolie has talent, and that Megan Fox isn’t as Talented as Jolie.

Now, I will admit that I don’t know how much talent this Megan Fox chick has, because I have honestly not seen anything she’s been in. I did start to watch Transformers, but I fell asleep, because the movie was boring as hell. So, anway, I don’t know who the hell she is! What I do know however, is that “Angelina Jolie” does not have ANY talent as far as I am concerned. I firmly believe she is the most untalented actresses I have ever seen! I have also seen trouts that I thought were more talented than Jolie for christs sake, and I also think she is simply an attention whore. I believe that she is SO fixated on being in the medias eye, that she will do anything to stay in it.

So, I really don’t think Megan Fox could be any less talented than jolie. If she is, then thats just scary…In my opinion anyway.

Ok, now I know theres a lot of jolie fanboys having heart spasms as they read this blog entry shouting at there monitor “Leave Jolie alone!!!!!!” in a fasion not unlike Chris Crocker and his Britney break-down! To those who are majorly upset, I say to you this…Get over it. You’ll be alright in the morning. Not everyone in the world is going to like your idol. It’s a fact of life, and accepting that is a part of growing up.


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