Lucca Brazzi sleeps with the fishes…

Posted: September 19, 2009 in Gaming
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Ok, as everyone who’s EVERYONE knows, I love games. It’s my weakness. I also love Zombies, but after Zombies I adore a good mafia/gangster story. As well everyone should, am I right? Well, is it any big surprise that I am currently hooked on the facebook application called Mobsters 2?

It’s a sequel obviously, hence the number 2 located at the end of the name. Now, the original started out on Myspace I believe, and quite honestly, I thought the game stunk. I still do. I don’t like the game at all, which is odd, because playwise theres not a lot of difference between the two versions. I just quite simply prefer the second one.

One difference about Mobsters 2 is that there is actually a storyline. Which makes it more gamelike. I suppose that’s probably what my main interest is. I mean, without a story its just a button clicking game, and honestly I don’t see how anyone could get any enjoyment out of sitting around just pushing a button every few minutes…I mean the survivors of oceanic flight 815 sure as hell didn’t enjoy pushing a button every little bit!

Anyway, yea I am hooked on that game, which oddly enough I am not overly popular! In fact a good number of people seem to hate me, and wish me bodily harm! :O I mean, I am my usual loving kind and caring self in there as well…whats not to love? seriously! I love me!


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