Marvel-Disney Merger

Posted: September 12, 2009 in Comics, News and current events
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I  am sure most comic fans, and even disney fans has heard that disney has bought out Marvel Comics. What’s this going to mean for the world of Marvel? Who knows! This could however open the doors for some crazy Comic book story arcs. I mean, it’s not unthinkable. DC did it with WB licenses. For instance Superman has had a run-in with Bugs Bunny as scary as that sounds. So, now lets take a look at what I feel would be the worst comic book arcs in the history of marveldom.

1) Howard the Duck vs Donal Duck –  A special oneshot, where Howard discovers clues that leads to another one of his kind on earth. He then discovers Donald Duck! Mayhem ensues.

2) Exiles: For whom the Belle tolls. – A 3 part story Arc, One of the Exiles goes home, they then get a new team mate. This one however powerless. It’s Belle from beauty and the beast. She has become unhinged from her own time and must now travel with the Exiles to make things right. They end up Blinking into a reality where most mutants have been killed off. A rebellion is being led by former X-man Henry McCoy, also known as “Beast”! The Exiles have to make sure that in this world Magneto takes over the United State, but doing this COULD spell doom for Henry McCoy. During this tale, Belle Falls in love with Henry(Cause as you all know she apparently has a thing for hairy guys named Beast). They manage to finish their mission while ensuring Henry lives. They Blink out, but for some reason Belle stays with Beast to live happily ever after…awwwww…Their old team-mate then rejoins them.

3) Avengers: The Tinkering – This HUGE  part saga details the introduction of a new Avenger. Tinkerbell, Codenamed “Glowbug”.  Eventually she will spin-off into a mini series with the wasp in a 5 part tale called “Girls flight out”.

4) Ultimate X-men: The Ringing – Xavier discovers a new mutant with cerebro. Why, it’s Quasimoto! Quasi is then accepted into the X-mansion and becomes a major part of the team…Ringing the school bell between classes.

5) Fantastic Four: It came from…Hawaii?? – The fantastic four arrive in Hawaii to measure the volcanic density of the area. While there they discover an alien named Stitch. Reed decides to capture it and take it back to study it. After determining it’s no harm they decide to keep the little guy as a mascot. Thing is not impressed.

6) Major Marvel Milestone Event crossover saga – Read Richards of the Fantastic Four are doing some studies on some temporal disturbances. He fiddles with some highly sensitive knobs and gadgets. While going over some read-outs, that whacky Mascot known as Stitch knocks over a mug of coffee onto the computer panel causing sparks to fly and an interdimensional portal to open. Soon an army begins pouring out of the portals wearing all black battle armor, and helmets with what looks like mouse ears on top.

As the story unfolds it is discovered these soldiers are known as “The Mouseketeers” They are the main fighting force of whats called “The Magic Kingdom”. They begin attacking manhattan. All the superheroes engage in this battle to save the day. As the event continues, their leader will emerge into this world. A giant Mutant. Part man, Part mouse known only as “Micky”! Spider-man obviously has alot of quips about how fearsom the name is.

In the end the Marvel universe will push the mousketeers back through the portal along with their leader and Reed Richards, will manage to seal the portal closed. several old and unused marvel characters will be killed off to add to the shock and drama. Everyone will rejoice in the fact that the world is safe…Or is it? The story will end showing a mousketeer hiding in an abandoned warehouse working on a strange glowing device.

Can it get any worse than that?? I’m sure that it can, in fact…I would love to hear some of your ideas for disney/marvel comic stories.


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