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I spend a fair bit of time surfing the net, and today on one of my excursions out into the wilderness of the world wide web I saw a banner ad. Well, maybe not a banner ad, it was one of those banners/buttons you see on all over the web that are placed along the sides of webpages. You know, like the ones all over Facebook…As a matter of fact, I believe that’s where I saw the ad too, over on Facebook.

What the ad was for, was a “Single Parents Dating Website”. So that single mothers can meet and date single fathers and hopefully form a loving strong relationship. Now, maybe it’s just me….and it probably is. Because I am a weird ass motherfucker, but come on?? Single Parents Dating Site? Ok, first, I have nothing against single mothers, I would date single mothers. I have been involved with a single mother. I have no problem with that.


If I was a single father, I would not be interested in hooking up with a single mother for a serious relationship. I mean, I already have my hands full with my kids, why would I want to add to that? Plus, I know how this situation plays out. I have seen the Brady Bunch yanno! To be honest, I wouldn’t have the patience to deal with my kids and someone elses.

For me though, this isn’t an issue, I don’t have kids, so I dont have my hands full, and can actually enjoy time spent with a mother and her child…but if i had a kid too? Good god! That would be a nightmare. Maybe because deep down I know without a shadow of a doubt, if I had children they would be too much like me..and that alone is pretty damn scary!

So, am I alone on this? Do single parents PREFER getting involved with other single parents?


dancing-with-the-starsThis week I did something I have never done before, and most likely will never do again. It’s not anything exciting! I didn’t go shark jumping, bungee jumping or spelunking blindfolded. No! Nothing like that. Not even close! What I did do however is watch a reality show/contest thingie called “Dancing with the stars“. I am sure you have heard of it, as for some reason it’s a very popular series.

Now, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get into this show. I honestly don’t see how it has lasted as many seasons as it has. I mean, why would you people watch this? Seriously? I mean, I hate watching people dance during plays, musicals or ice shows. Why the hell would it be any different if it’s celebs doing the dancing? Is there THAT many people out there who just can not get enough dancing? Seriously? There’s just not enough dancing in your life that you have this need to watch celebs foxtrot and salsa about for your entertainment?

I’m sorry, it was a snoozefest for me, although the salsa dances were kind of cool, but really that’s it. No enjoyment in the show for me.

Ok, if I am going to sit here and bash the show, and I knew before hand that I hate dancing, then WHY did I even bother watching it? Is that what you are asking yourself? Well, in case that is what you were asking yourself I will answer. The real reason I tuned into Dancing with the stars, is because, well quite honestly because one year someones false leg apparently fell off, or at least thats what I heard. So, clearly I wanted to see someone get embarassed. Mainly, I wanted to see if Kelly Osbourne would end up falling on her butt during a salsa dance. unfortunately she did NOT fall down, therefor i was robbed of my amusement for the evening.

Not only did she NOT fall down, she actually did pretty well too, although to be honest, I think the judges and her parents were exagerating how well she did to be honest. She was alright. Nothing more, certainly nothing to rave about like the judges were doing, and DEFINIATELY not a performance that would warrant the reaction her parents were giving her. I mean, come on! Mya was a thousand times better than kelly, and you sure as hell didn’t see the camera panning on any of her family crying and sobbing as she ran to her parents to hug them…I swear, Kelly seems like such a drama queen to me.

Anyway, show sucked and I wont watch it anymore.

Ok, one of my favorite shows of all time was a short lived series on CBS called “Jericho“. It was basically about life after a nuclear attack, and centered on the small town of Jericho, and what happened to them as they struggled to survive this odd point in time. They had to deal with fall out, Bandits/scavengers and even other towns. It was simply great!

Not great enough though apparently, since the show was cancelled after just one full 22 episode season. Which was really crappy because it ended in a HUGE cliffhanger.

I cried with sad.

HOWEVER! Apparently their was enough interest because enough people got a campaign going that ended up bringing the series back for a second season! This second season only lasted 9 episodes however, but did manage to tie up a lot of loose ends. Ever since then, jericho has been silent.

Good news however! Apparently a movie based on Jericho is in the works! Its slated for a 2010 release, but not a lot yet is known. The only thing for certain is that it will reunite the cast, and will not require you to have seen the past episodes to enjoy it. Apparently it’s supposed to be a broader look at the country. not just the town of Jericho.

is that not total yayness though? If you havent seen the series though, I highly encourage you to. The series is available on DVD, and if you have Netflix, then you are set. Not sure if you will like it? I will say this, if you are a fan of Jeremiah then you will love Jericho! Also, I should state that if you love Jericho you will love Jeremiah!

Ok, as everyone who’s EVERYONE knows, I love games. It’s my weakness. I also love Zombies, but after Zombies I adore a good mafia/gangster story. As well everyone should, am I right? Well, is it any big surprise that I am currently hooked on the facebook application called Mobsters 2?

It’s a sequel obviously, hence the number 2 located at the end of the name. Now, the original started out on Myspace I believe, and quite honestly, I thought the game stunk. I still do. I don’t like the game at all, which is odd, because playwise theres not a lot of difference between the two versions. I just quite simply prefer the second one.

One difference about Mobsters 2 is that there is actually a storyline. Which makes it more gamelike. I suppose that’s probably what my main interest is. I mean, without a story its just a button clicking game, and honestly I don’t see how anyone could get any enjoyment out of sitting around just pushing a button every few minutes…I mean the survivors of oceanic flight 815 sure as hell didn’t enjoy pushing a button every little bit!

Anyway, yea I am hooked on that game, which oddly enough I am not overly popular! In fact a good number of people seem to hate me, and wish me bodily harm! :O I mean, I am my usual loving kind and caring self in there as well…whats not to love? seriously! I love me!

Ok, so there’s this article on MSNBC talking about Megan Fox, and in his article the guy seems to imply that Angelina Jolie has talent, and that Megan Fox isn’t as Talented as Jolie.

Now, I will admit that I don’t know how much talent this Megan Fox chick has, because I have honestly not seen anything she’s been in. I did start to watch Transformers, but I fell asleep, because the movie was boring as hell. So, anway, I don’t know who the hell she is! What I do know however, is that “Angelina Jolie” does not have ANY talent as far as I am concerned. I firmly believe she is the most untalented actresses I have ever seen! I have also seen trouts that I thought were more talented than Jolie for christs sake, and I also think she is simply an attention whore. I believe that she is SO fixated on being in the medias eye, that she will do anything to stay in it.

So, I really don’t think Megan Fox could be any less talented than jolie. If she is, then thats just scary…In my opinion anyway.

Ok, now I know theres a lot of jolie fanboys having heart spasms as they read this blog entry shouting at there monitor “Leave Jolie alone!!!!!!” in a fasion not unlike Chris Crocker and his Britney break-down! To those who are majorly upset, I say to you this…Get over it. You’ll be alright in the morning. Not everyone in the world is going to like your idol. It’s a fact of life, and accepting that is a part of growing up.

I  am sure most comic fans, and even disney fans has heard that disney has bought out Marvel Comics. What’s this going to mean for the world of Marvel? Who knows! This could however open the doors for some crazy Comic book story arcs. I mean, it’s not unthinkable. DC did it with WB licenses. For instance Superman has had a run-in with Bugs Bunny as scary as that sounds. So, now lets take a look at what I feel would be the worst comic book arcs in the history of marveldom.

1) Howard the Duck vs Donal Duck –  A special oneshot, where Howard discovers clues that leads to another one of his kind on earth. He then discovers Donald Duck! Mayhem ensues.

2) Exiles: For whom the Belle tolls. – A 3 part story Arc, One of the Exiles goes home, they then get a new team mate. This one however powerless. It’s Belle from beauty and the beast. She has become unhinged from her own time and must now travel with the Exiles to make things right. They end up Blinking into a reality where most mutants have been killed off. A rebellion is being led by former X-man Henry McCoy, also known as “Beast”! The Exiles have to make sure that in this world Magneto takes over the United State, but doing this COULD spell doom for Henry McCoy. During this tale, Belle Falls in love with Henry(Cause as you all know she apparently has a thing for hairy guys named Beast). They manage to finish their mission while ensuring Henry lives. They Blink out, but for some reason Belle stays with Beast to live happily ever after…awwwww…Their old team-mate then rejoins them.

3) Avengers: The Tinkering – This HUGE  part saga details the introduction of a new Avenger. Tinkerbell, Codenamed “Glowbug”.  Eventually she will spin-off into a mini series with the wasp in a 5 part tale called “Girls flight out”.

4) Ultimate X-men: The Ringing – Xavier discovers a new mutant with cerebro. Why, it’s Quasimoto! Quasi is then accepted into the X-mansion and becomes a major part of the team…Ringing the school bell between classes.

5) Fantastic Four: It came from…Hawaii?? – The fantastic four arrive in Hawaii to measure the volcanic density of the area. While there they discover an alien named Stitch. Reed decides to capture it and take it back to study it. After determining it’s no harm they decide to keep the little guy as a mascot. Thing is not impressed.

6) Major Marvel Milestone Event crossover saga – Read Richards of the Fantastic Four are doing some studies on some temporal disturbances. He fiddles with some highly sensitive knobs and gadgets. While going over some read-outs, that whacky Mascot known as Stitch knocks over a mug of coffee onto the computer panel causing sparks to fly and an interdimensional portal to open. Soon an army begins pouring out of the portals wearing all black battle armor, and helmets with what looks like mouse ears on top.

As the story unfolds it is discovered these soldiers are known as “The Mouseketeers” They are the main fighting force of whats called “The Magic Kingdom”. They begin attacking manhattan. All the superheroes engage in this battle to save the day. As the event continues, their leader will emerge into this world. A giant Mutant. Part man, Part mouse known only as “Micky”! Spider-man obviously has alot of quips about how fearsom the name is.

In the end the Marvel universe will push the mousketeers back through the portal along with their leader and Reed Richards, will manage to seal the portal closed. several old and unused marvel characters will be killed off to add to the shock and drama. Everyone will rejoice in the fact that the world is safe…Or is it? The story will end showing a mousketeer hiding in an abandoned warehouse working on a strange glowing device.

Can it get any worse than that?? I’m sure that it can, in fact…I would love to hear some of your ideas for disney/marvel comic stories.

D&D and Gametap

Posted: September 4, 2009 in General

As I mentioned in a previous post, Gametap Recently lost ALL of their D&D branded titles due to the Blizz-acti-vendi mergers. I stated then what a horrible blow this is to Gametap. The D&D titles I think were a major draw, as some of them were rare and difficult games to find or purchase. Subscribing to Gametap made it so much easier.

However, the good news is that Gametap maybe back on the road to D&D goodness! Here “Soon” the Neverwinter Nights series will be landing on the Gametap doorstep. Now, these games have been available on Metaboli(The UKs version of Gametap) for quite some time, however for whatever reason they just never inched their way into Gametaps gaming menu. Until they add it “Soon” that is.

Now, this does absolutely NOTHING for me, as I own the game series and have completed least once. Some more than once. However if you havent had the honor to play these games…keep an eye on gametap and jump onto a subscription when these bad boys become available and enjoy the epic saga that left me addicted and glued to my PC for almost a year!

One thing I don’t know however is how much of the Saga will Gametap have on tap? Will it just be the core titles? Will they include the expansion packs? All good questions, and if what Metaboli offered on their service is any indication, most likely they will have the Diamond edition of the first Neverwinter Nights, and Neverwinter Nights+Mask of the betrayer of the expansion pack. Although this is just a guess, and there’s a good chance I could be wrong.