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Once upon a time, I used to subscribe to this online service called Gametap, and it was good. The service really had everything a gamer like myself could want. What attracted me most to this service however is the fact that they included a good number of AD&D games. The Baldur Gate series, The Icewind Dale series and even Torment(Which is an extremely difficult to find dungeons and dragons title, but is oh so good!). Like many of you already know, I am not just a game junkie, I am a Role Play junkie as well, and my main love has always been dungeons and dragons. I mean I played the pen and paper version way back in high school, so it has a lot of fond memories.

Recently however Gametap got a huge smack from…someone! Im not sure if it’s the developers, or what but whoever it was forced them to pull down all their AD&D titles! Not just that, but also a good number of other major licenses like Homeworld, Incredible machine and so fourth.

So, now there REALLY isn’t a reason to be subscribed to Gametap. They lost their hottest titles, and while they do still carry some incredible games, like the fallout series and the Space Quest titles, it’s really not worth the subscription cost, at least in my eye.


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