I am an Xbox 360 owner. I am not interested in owning a Wii or even a PS3(Although there are a few exclusive ps3 titles that DO look to be interesting). I am quite happy with my 360 game system. Everything from the games right down the the EXTREMELY affordable Xbox Live service.

However, there’s some things coming this way for 360 owners that has me drooling. So, I decided I would share with you the things im looking forward to most.

Twitter – Yea, Twitter is getting intergrated with the xbox live service. So, you can send and recieve twitter posts right from the comfort of your living room couch.

Facebook – Yea, apparently Facebook is getting added to the Xbox Live service too…How cool right?

Combine those with the already available netflix addon, yer pretty much good to go! The only other things I would like to see, is a Gmail addon and maybe a basic browser without java/cookies/flash kinda thang.

Splintercell: Conviction – Newest Splinter cell game! Was due out way back in ’07 but according to the folks at ubisoft this time it REALLY will make it by this coming christmas.

Alan Wake – I don’t know a whole lot about this game, but it looks pretty damn sweet and made by the brainiacs who did Max Paine. Nuff said!

Ghostbusters – C’mon! It’s Ghostbusters! What’s not to drool about? Plus from what I hear its got the whole original cast doing the voices. if that doesn’t make you jizz in your pants, then you CLEARLY are not geek enough to hang with me.


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