Pisspoor friends

Posted: May 21, 2009 in General
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Let me tell you a little bit about something that pisses me off.

Friends who decide that when they are in a relationship with someone, it’s a great idea to ditch their close friends. Even if it’s just one friend. This type of shit really pisses me off. It makes me REALLY resent the so-called “Friend” and makes me ask myself, were they ever truly a friend to begin with?

Case in point! I have(Had?) this friend, whom I felt was my closest friend. She and I shared everything together. I told her things I wouldn’t dare tell anyone else, simply because I trusted her more than I trusted many other people I know. The thing is, she has this thing, where when she gets involved with someone, she ditches me all together.

It would be one thing if this had only happened on one occasion. However in the time I have known her, she has been involved with two people. Both times she tossed me away like a sack of backseat garbage, and decided it would be in the best interest of her new relationship if she pissed all over me.

Why? Why the FUCK would someone who claims to be your “Best friend” do that to you? Maybe because I am a dude? Who can say, if that’s the case however I call “Bullshit!” because I have been in relationships, and some of those women I have been with didn’t like my female friends, or felt threatened or jealous of them. Did I flush those friends down the toilet? NO! Why? Because, as much as you like to think the relationship you are in will last forever, odds are pretty damn good that it won’t. In fact, most likely, your friendships will outlast your next 4 relationships. When your “Lover” has finished fucking you over, it’s going to be your friends who are there to help you pick up the pieces and tell you what a manipulating prick that person was you were with, and how you can and will do much better than them.

So, why the hell would I toss those people away? Who does that? I’ll tell you who. Selfish little people who are only thinking of themselves, because they take your friendship for granted. They figure they can shit all over you, because when it’s all said and done, you will forgive them for not being there for YOU when you were upset about something, because they were too busy being off giving only thoughts to themselves and their own happiness.

So, if you are a friend being dumped all over by one of these types of “Friends” Don’t worry, because it’s not you. Your “Friend” just has some serious fucking issues.


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