Posted: April 23, 2009 in All about ME!
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have you ever said something that you regretted? Not because it was mean, or hurtful or dishonest, but because it made you feel stupid. Like you just stuck the worlds biggest foot right into your mouth? I did that last night. I said something, that while true probably was better left unsaid like its been unsaid for months.

So, why after months of not saying anything did I choose to open my mouth and start yapping? I wish I could say. I wasn’t drinking so I unfortunately can’t blame Vodka. In fact the only thing I can blame is the fact that it was late at night. Which is my story, and man I am sticking to it. What’s worse, is today the person just acted like nothing was said, although seems a bit off with me. Which makes it worse, it was bad enough that I felt stupid saying it, but when the person just ignores it afterwards? Well, not only do I feel regret and feel a weight of stupidity laying on top of me, but I also feel like anything I had to say, just didn’t matter, so I made myself look stupid for nothing.

Maybe I am just blowing things out of proportion, maybe not. I just wish I could just take make what all I said and save face. However, nobody ever gets what they wish for.


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