jolly-rogerOk, so im sure most of you have heard of the captain being held by pirates, and like most everyone you have heard of the daring rescue of this captain who is getting referred to all over the place as a hero. You have also I am sure heard that the pirates have vowed revenge against the U.S., and Obama pledging to fight piracy! So, I am thinking this; Why should we?

I mean, why do we got to pledge to fight against piracy. Why not just get together a bunch of ninjas, and send em over to take out the pirates? I mean, seriously…We all know ninjas are way cooler than pirates. If it had been ninjas that was holding the captain hostage, the outcome would have been sooooo different..Unless they were zombie or ghost pirates..but that would be just silly!

On another note, I think lately people throw the term “Hero” around way too often these days. It seems like everytime I turn around, there’s the new flavor of the day. Whats worse is you can become a “Hero” for pretty much anything, and if it’s lacking that “Pazazz” to make people want to jump up and cheer, don’t worry! The media will hype pretty much everything up to make you you look like the best thing to come around since jesus! Well, that is unless they need a villian then you will be made to look like the anti-christ.


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