slight accident :O

Posted: March 23, 2009 in All about ME!
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Well, today has officially been the icing on the top of my monthlong baking crap-cake! Everything that COULD go wrong, officially HAS gone wrong. This morning it starts where I wake up, as usual early as fuck. I get up, stumble around the bedroom a bit, walk into the bathroom, and I slipped! Busted my knee up pretty bad, messed my ankle up, hit my head on the corner of the sink as I fell to the floor. Ended up going to the hospital, thankfully no concussions or anything. I also didn’t BREAK anything, although it sure feels like I did.

But the icing doesnt stop there! No siree-bob! It continues. See, the next question should be “Well shaide, what the hell did you slip on??” Well, allow me to answer that friendly reader! See, during the night, apparently a pipe busted in the bathroom, which caused water to flood the floor. On another note, the floor I think is going to have to be ripped up and not sure of this exactly yet. Thats just a hunch. So, i had to have the water company come down here while I was off to see Doctor Doolittle, and had the nice water guy shut my water off. So, currently, I am without bloody water until I get the pipe fixed, which probably will only be a few days, but if you know me, then you know i have this habit of taking 5 showers a day. Now without water this is going to seriously affect that habit, because as it is I am going to have to run by my mums to use HER shower until it gets fixed.

UGH! When it rains it pours.


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