Foulness most Foul…

Posted: March 12, 2009 in All about ME!
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You know what? I’m in a foul mood. Which is odd, cause anyone who knows me, can tell you that I dont get into foul moods. Sure, sometimes I get grumpy, but my mood never fouls. On the bright side, I am alive and well! That’s good right? On the downside my throats killing me, and I keep coughing up a storm.

Sometimes it would be nice if things just went my way just ONCE.

On a totally unrelated note: the Trilogy of “Last Summer” movies get lamer and lamer as they go. If you stopped watching them after the first one, you may begin counting your blessings. If you too have suffered through the whole series(Especially if you did like me and watched em all on the same night) then you have my heartfelt condolences.


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