Neverwinter :O

Posted: March 10, 2009 in Gaming
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I have recently begun playing a computer RPG called Neverwinter Night. The original one, not Neverwinter Nights 2, although I did pick that up when i bought the first one. However, I wanted to play the original before digging into the next one. Yes, I know the second game doesnt require first game knowledge. However, it doesnt really hurt either.

Anyway, I have been playing this game and I must confess I am totally hooked on it! The game reminds me a LOT of the original Everquest game(Which oddly enough Neverwinter Nights 2 reminds me of Everquest 2. I may not be playing NWN2 first, but im not silly either I did make a character and fiddle in the tutorial section). Not just in graphics either, but also the setting. Combine that with NPC spell casters just standing around making glowing particles surround themselves. This isn’t a bad thing, I am a huge fan of the Everquest games. In fact the only thing I didnt like about EverQuest was the fact that the game wasn’t story oriented. Neverwinter Nights however obviously IS story oriented. Thus it ranks up as one of my all time favorite games EVER.

So, some of you might be wondering what made me decide to play this game after OH so many years. To be honest, I have always wanted to try this game, however the idea of having a buttload of henchmen, group-guys or whatever they are called put me off. Controlling several people in a real time combat situation did not interest me, however someone informed me, that though the battles might be realtime, you could pause the game easily and take your time finding what it is you want to use. I was also informed that I don’t exactly control the henchmen. This then got my interest in the game renewed!

I purchased the game, and now I have to force myself to quit playing. Granted, I am not very far along. I have barely finished the prelude, and quelled the prison riot. My last known location is outside the gates of a district over run with zombies. A freakin’ ZOMBIE invasion! That right there gives the game a spot in my heart. Looking forward to experiencing more of this game too!


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