Wars America has won by themselves.

Posted: February 16, 2009 in General
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The question “Has America ever won a war on its own?” was posed to me and a group of my friends today, and I must say the answers that were given were quite amusing to say the least. My favorite answer I think was “Yea, we won the civil war.”

Of course we won the civil war! We were fighting ourselves! Even if we lost the civil war? America still would have “Won”.

That answer did amuse me. After that, there was a huge discussion about different wars, and blah blah blah. Then of course the “There are no winners in a war, only losers.” and “Victories aren’t always won on the battlefield” kind of answers. Those I think are simple cop-outs. Fact of the matter is this! America has not won any war on its own. No sugar-coating! We haven’t!

That being said, I would also like to point to the fact that in comparison to most countries, America isn’t really all that old! Since America has been a country, wars have changed quite a bit. Countries don’t fight wars on their own these days. Great Britain recognized the independence of the United States in 1783, Since then, how many countries have won wars STRICTLY on their own? No financial aid, No supplies(Medical-food…nothing!)? I’m thinking you will be hard pressed to find many. Fact of the matter is, a war is not fought on their own.

People go on about “Oh America fought the Vietnam on their own, and lost!” Hate to burst your bubble, but it wasn’t just America either. France, the United States, Australia, South Korea, and New Zealand were all involved in the war(Obviously North and south Vietnam as well). Also it’s not like north Vietnam won single-handed either. They were being supported by China and Russia. They also had just chased France out(Who America was supplying), so to use “Vietnam war” as an example of what happens when america tries to fight a war alone is ridiculous.

Anyway! I’m ranting now. My apologies.

  1. Lance says:

    So why is it, that every time Iran, N. Korea Iraq etc are mentioned, Americans seem to rise up and shout “Let’s Nuke ’em! “Let’s teach them a lesson that the US is the mightiest Country on Earth!” My guess is that there is so much propaganda built around these conflicts that Americans start to believe they can’t lose so have never lost any war. IMHO

  2. shaide says:

    Well, as I said…America has never fought a war by it’s self. It is true that we have lost very few battles, but I wouldn’t say that was JUST because of the american military might. I think a large portion of our victories is due mainly to our allies. Without our allies we would probably have our asses handed to us in a war.

    In regards however to N. Korea, I do sincerely feel that something needs to be done about them. I’m not saying “Nuke ’em!” mind you, but I do feel something needs to be done. N. Korea walks a VERY thin line, and they are a danger to many countries should they step off the wrong side of that thin line.

  3. Lance says:

    I agree with the N. Korea situation as there are 2 things that one must weigh heavily. First and foremost, is that Kim is clearly insane. Delusions of Grandeur and an attitude of entitlement in a child like mind make for a dangerous person that will strike back when reprimanded.

    The second problem is his impending death. A person as unstable as he is could very well push that nuke button with his dieing breath. I don’t think the Nuke launch sequence will be the same as in America where one person can’t launch. It takes 2,3,4 and sometimes more to initiate a launch. With Kim being the megalomaniac that he is, I believe that he has set up their systems so that if necessary, he alone has the option of launching.

    To sum it up is simple. A nutcase with his finger on the launch key SHOULD be taken out by any means possible. A question I often ask is if the US has the ability to travel to mars, read a license plate from space, split an atom etc, why can’t they take him out? The answer I believe is that they can, but don’t. Which raises the last question…why not?

  4. michael says:

    the war of 1846 was a lone-US win

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