The art of comics

Posted: February 4, 2009 in MMORPGs
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I have said this time and time again. I enjoy Comic book. Does this make me a geek? Yes, it probably does. However that does NOT change the fact that I honestly believe Comics are an incredible source of art. Everything from the drawing, to the inking, to the stories! Each Comic book contains a plethora of pieces of art!

That being said, I must also admit that not everything you find in a comic book are top notch, in fact a lot of it can be laughable. Take for instance this epic and action packed moment:


No, this isn’t from a charlie brown comic, and no the people shown above aren’t doing some new dance craze, or a classic dance craze. n fact, this REALLY is an action packed scene! See, Punisher is escorting a woman through a building while enemies are in hot pursuit. If you look closely you can see a gun in the guys hand, so OBVIOUSLY it’s the punisher.

I know, lame! But you could also just keep on pretending it’s the punisher dancing the funky chicken. That’s a visual you don’t get every day. Keep in mind though, most comic book issues are ALL incredibly detailed. If you haven’t picked up a comic in awhile, you might want to stop by your local comic book store(Yea! Seriously! They have stores devoted to these things now a days!!) and pick yourself up a comic. Although keep in mind, most comics aren’t self contained stories anymore, they have usually 6 issue story arcs or so, that way they fit better into a graphic novel format so they can get the real bucks! 😀


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