Posted: December 27, 2008 in News and current events
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You know what bugs me? Obama hasn’t even taken the seat of president yet, and people are already saying “He’s the best president we’ve ever had!!!”, to this I say loudly..WTF? People drone on about how he’s going to pull us up out of the mud and put us back on top!

This is all great and stuff..but, best president ever? what? he’s not even president yet. I’m sorry, did someone go for a ride with doc brown into the future? because I honestly don’t know how anyone can say he’s the best president ever when he’s only president elect! Don’t get me wrong, i hope he does turn out to be all that and a bag of cheetos, but for fucks sake man! “He’s going to be the best.” “He’s going to save the country!” No pressure eh? Let the man breath! Stop making these assumptions, stop adding pressure to this guy, as if running a country wasnt bad enough. As if cleaning up after Bush wasn’t bad enough. He also has all this pressure you people are adding. You’re turning him into an urban legend is what yer doing.

That being said, no matter WHAT happens, Bush is gone so I’m happy.


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