Fallout Tactics

Posted: December 24, 2008 in Gaming
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I recently finished Fallout 3 on the xbox 360 — Well, actually I accidentally finished it. The main stoyline is actually VERY short. So, not knowing it was the end, due to the shortness I carried on, and to my surprised finished the game, and unfortunately once you finish, you can’t continue playing your character. So, if i want to finish most of the other quests and storylines in fallout 3, I have to load from a previous save file I suppose.

Anyway, after finishing the game, i got a healthy hankerin’ for more post-apocalyptic  funtime! So, I went out and picked up Fallout 1, 2 and Fallout Tactics. Now, i have previously played the first 2 fallout games, although granted, not to completion due to that stupid friggen time limit! However I had never played Fallout Tactics, so naturally thats the one I started playing first.


That’s all I can say — Wow.

I don’t mean wow in the good way either. I meant Wow in the “WTF were they thinking?!” kinda way. The story is horrid, the controls and gameplay COULD have been better. I realise this was a different direction than the previous 2 fallout titles, but c’mon! This game SUCKED! Not just because it was “Different” either! In fact, I love turn based strategy games as much as I do Role play. The X-com games used to rank on the top of my list of best games “EVER!”

Anyway, I was extremely disappointed with tactics, and glad I didn’t pick it up when it first came out. 😦


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