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Posted: December 7, 2008 in WWW and beyond!

Have you ever heard of Yahoo answers? Of course you have. It’s a great place to go in order to get advice, from people you don’t know, basically gauranteeing that the answers are unbiased. This is a good thing. However, Yahoo answers has other uses, namely to tick people off and for asking stupid questions…which is usually how i tend to use it. I have mentioned one of my questions before in the past, and now will tell you about another question i posted, just for shits and giggles and to see how people reacted.

The question was as follows…

what do i get a mistress for xmas? I want to get something nice, but doesnt attract notice from her husband,or my wife…any suggestions?

Now, obviously the question had no basis in reality, as I am a widower….HOWEVER, it still sounded like a good question. I got answers ranging from helpful, to just down right ANGRY. (In case anyone is wondering, purses, candy and gift certificates seems to be the best way to go according to the general answering peeps). However, the helpful answers aren’t what im focusing on. I am focusing on the angry or sarcastic answers…Such as:

you give her nothing……
you give yourself MORALS…..
and confess to your wife…. that you have been cheating on her.

A good angry answer! I liked it, i giggled a bit about it, but its still a good fricken answer!

How ’bout an *ss whoopin from your wife?
Scum bag!
Most of them seem to agree though, that I am a loser, of some sorts, or feel I should give her a divorce attorney:O
The most interesting answer I recieved however was as follows.
Shove it up the booty, that way when she gives him the poon later, he won’t have a stretched out, messy, coochie to deal with.
That’s just the current answers within the last 15 mins, im eager to see what the night brings 😉
  1. Chelle Moore says:

    God you crack me up! LOL 🙂

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