left4deadValve is releasing what i believe to be one spiffy game! The game is called Left 4 Dead and it does involve zombies. As an added bonus, these aren’t your slow moving zombies…heck no! These are the Super-fast-moving-zombies-that-travel-in-giant groups kinda zombies…….but with a twist! See? The zombies are changing. Some are getting abilities…Everything from sploding goop onto people and attracting masses of zombies..To throwing out a long grabber thing and wrapping around the prey and dragging you to it….and if you’re the unfortunate survivor that falls prey to one of these “Super-Zombies” then you are going to need the help of your fellow survivors t get free…Did I mention this was an on-line Co-op game?

Yep! You go online, and help your fellow survivors escape the city. You play one of 4 characters, and blast a trail through brain-eating zombies until you get to a safe spot…then, you rest up, gear up and move on. your survivor buddies will rely on your bullets, and your aid in patching them up, just as you will rely on them. After all, its a “Help or be eatin'” world out there now!

Not a fan of playing with others? Dont like going online? No worries, yo can alway play offline in solo mode with computer controlled allies. This in some ways is more efficient yet in other ways its more hassle..Solo mode you don’t have your allies running off ahead leaving you to get pulled to your death by a zombie group, and if something goes screwy…well, you only have yourself to blame….on the down side, the NPCs aren’t very bright, and in many cases you will be doing most of the intelligent stuff. Sometimes its easier haing quick thinking pawns…errr..people doing the hard stuff while you stand back and…erm…guard the back position.

The demo was released both on PC [STEAM] as well as XBOX Live, since it’s going to be released for BOTH the Xbox360 and the PC as well, so whichever is your gaming platform of choice, you can get it. I personally have yet to decide which gaming platform im going to go with. On the Xbox 360 its obviously going to run just as smooth on your system, as it does someone elses…HOWEVER on the PC, there likely going to be MODs and expansions. (Kinda like the zombie mod that was released for halflife 2…god, i wish that was available as down loadable content on the Xbox live service!)….The choices, the choices….

  1. Andrew Ryan says:


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  2. shaide says:

    I know! thats what im saying! ive been playing the demo non-stop for days, and picking up the game when it’s released tomorrow…think im going to go with the xbox 360 version..i got til tomorrow to decide.

    The demo only has 2 levels, but they are incredible, and just having a wall of zombies pouring down on you cause one of the other survivors accidentally bumped a car and set off a car alarm is incredible..I cant wait to advance past those first few levels though!

  3. Katie says:

    if you get xbox version you can’t play with meeeeee. And I’m so gunna play this one.

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