lulzThe Internet is full of people spouting “Geek words”. Everything from Lawl to n00bz. One of the most annoying words, and one i have been hearing a LOT of lately is the word Lulz. Whats this even mean you ask? Well, it means to laugh. apparently its “LOL” evolved…or should I say devolved.

Why is the word so popular, well, like most of these ridiculous words, its popular because of the Internet phenomenon known as “LoLCats”. Not sure what this is? well, basically someone takes a cute picture of a kitty-cat, and sticks a big white caption on it to make the cat look retarded. while the captions can be amusing, most times they just induce long moments of eye rolling. The captions are usually something stupid(Such as the “I detect Lulz” on a robot.)and spelled extremely badly…or using geekspeak(Or as its called mostly these days kittyspeak).

  1. shaide says:

    Mad? As in angry? No, not at all.

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