Fable 2 on Xbox 360

Posted: November 1, 2008 in Gaming, xbox360
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Fable 2 came out last week, and I just have been so occupied with the game, that I haven’t had anytime to even write about it! Therefore, I shall correct that issue now and write a little something about this RPG title.

Where to begin? Well, the game is VERY similar to the first Fable game, so if you loved the original, there is also a good chance you will like FABLE 2. The game starts out similar to the original. You are a child, and several occurances occur where you can choose the “Right” thing to do, or the “Wrong” thing. The choices are small, but they are to show you how the game allows you the freedom to play how you want…Good or bad.

There are a few differences in FABLE 2 that help it stand out from the original. For instance in FABLE 2 you can choose to be either Male or Female. On top of being able to pick your gender, another difference is that you don’t travel the world of Albion alone this time. You always have your Trusty dog with you. Also, on occasion you will be joined by NPCs that will help you along the way.

In Fable 2 I set out thinking “The first Fable I played evil….This time Im gonna be a good guy dabnabbit!”..Although that thought process didn’t last very long, and my character has turned to a life of crime…..and has gotten quite fat.

Bottom line however, the game plays the same as the original, it has all the charm as the original and most of all it has all the excitement as the original. IF however you were one of the few who didnt like Fable…Then FABLE 2 probably isn’t for you…Me however? I love the game!


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