Posted: October 20, 2008 in Tv is good
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So, I was watching an episode of “Rescue me” a few days back, and in the credits they listed “Coma Boy” now, this was a reoccuring character, granted…his name was never said, cause the kid was in a Coma…but come on!  Coma Boy? Couldn’t they have just given the kid a name? Morgan, Stevie, Tobey….Any of those would be better in credit listings than “Coma Boy”….That just sounds like…a really bad super hero.

Other instances was “Drunk Girl”….There were a LOT of drunk girls, but I assume this referred to the drunk chick who flashed the main character her boobies. Since, it has character interaction…it went beyond just an extra I suppose.

What about “Skater #1” and “Skater #2”? Now, I know the skaters they are talking about…but both came on the screen at the exact same moment…so, which is number 1 and which is number 2? And how did they decide who gets the number 1 spot?? :O

See? Credits confuse me…..Still…The “Coma boy” just cracks me up.


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