Who is….The Mole?!

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Tv is good
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Ok, so I’ve been watching this season of “The Mole“. It’s become somewhat of an addiction for me saddly, but it IS a great show! Too good for it’s own good as a matter of fact!

From the very first episode this season I had three main choices on who “The Mole” was. Those suspects were Nichole, Mark and Craig. Now, the series is nearly finished…it’s down to the final three players…and those players are? Nichole, Mark and Craig…DOH!

Ok, so obviously one of my choices were right…But which one? My guess is Nichole. Craig is a very close second…I however don’t believe too much that Mark is The Mole…and if he is? Well, he’s gotta be the worst friggen Mole in Mole history, because he’s pretty much single handedly been winning the game for everyone…

Nichole just seems like shes covering things up.

As for Craig? The only reason I choose him to begin with, is because he LOOKS like a mole…Doesn’t he? like one of them ground burrowing moles…..

  1. 90nizam says:

    Ya. He looks like a mole. But i think that nicole should be the mole, mark the winner and craig is the 10th victim. Don’t you think??? Jongrevisited.wordpress.com

  2. I think Craig is the mole. Nicole, maybe. I suspect Mark the least because he’s taking the game way to seriously in my opinion. We’ll see who’s the mole next week 🙂


  3. shaide says:

    You know, at this point…It could either be Nichole or Craig, and I wouldn’t be surprised….As I said though, and like phone said…Mark takes the game a tad too seriously…and has pretty much won the game single handedly. So, if he’s the mole? He’s the worst one EVER.

    Now, as for which of the two it is? Like i said…Craig REALLY does look like a mole…but Nichole does seem more moleish to me. However, whoever the mole is? They did a pretty decent job….

    The only thing I *WANT* to happen is for Mark to win the game. Nobody has played that game better than him.

    Lastly…WtF? We gotta wait til Next week? What a rip-off!!!!

  4. Nicole could be the mole, but at times she acted so crazy to make people thougt that she’s the mole. Good strategy? Maybe, I don’t know what’s on her head.

    Yea, I vote Mark to win too, he’s a great family guy, and he deserves it. Nicole? Her salary is good as is. 😛 Craig? He’s the mole, he got paid already.

    Haha, I felt ripped off too. But if they didn’t save the best for the last, next week no one would watch, because no one knew that they were having another episode. 🙂

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