Posted: July 7, 2008 in General
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First, I want to begin by saying I have nothing against Homosexuals, in fact some of my friends are gay. I have nothing against heterosexuals, in fact most of my friends are straight. I do have a wee bit of an issue with bisexuals though, despite the fact that one of my friends is bisexual(Although I just pretend she’s straight).

So, now you might be asking “What the hell? What’s your problem with bi’s???” or you might not be asking this at all, however I am still going to tell you. Brace yourself people, and if yer one of them folks who DON’T want to know…feel free to skip the rest of this entry.

Homo and Hetero make sense to me. These are sexual preferences. These aren’t choices we make. We are born either born hetero or homo. So, what’s bisexuality? It’s Horndogginess! That’s what it is! It’s definitely NOT a sexual preference…Yea, there are some who say “I beg to differ but it sure as hell is a preference.” and to those people I ask…”What preference is it? Not to fuck the family goldfish?” Fact of the matter is…Bisexuals HAVE no sexual preference…Yes some will say they prefer men or women….but bottom line, if ones not around…They will knock boots with the next gender.

So, do I have an issue with it? Of course! How can I not? I mean seriously, a bisexual is just a horndog!

  1. Your Bi Friend says:

    Well yeah you’d be forgiven for having that opinion …in a virtual world populated by self-proclaimed bisexual horndogs (who usually tend to be, in real life, straight, married with kids – who perhaps once had a same-sex snog in college). This anonymous sexual free-wheeling gives bisexuality a bad name.

    In the real world I believe bisexuality is as valid an orientation as homo, hetero and even asexuality. I don’t shag everything that moves. In fact, I’m incredibly picky & some might say downright prude. I don’t trumpet my bisexuality around, and I doubt most would even know my orientation. However, I can’t deny that I am, have been, and will be, emotionally and physically attracted to some men and some women. No this doesn’t mean ALL men and ALL women, and it certainly doesn’t make me a horndog / whore. It’s about the person & who they are. I also can’t discount the notion that my next great love may be a boy or a girl, but either way it’ll be an individual who just gets me, who makes my heart do flip-flops. I reckon that has nought to do with sex or horndogginess. Yaknow?

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