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Ok, so I’ve been watching this season of “The Mole“. It’s become somewhat of an addiction for me saddly, but it IS a great show! Too good for it’s own good as a matter of fact!

From the very first episode this season I had three main choices on who “The Mole” was. Those suspects were Nichole, Mark and Craig. Now, the series is nearly finished…it’s down to the final three players…and those players are? Nichole, Mark and Craig…DOH!

Ok, so obviously one of my choices were right…But which one? My guess is Nichole. Craig is a very close second…I however don’t believe too much that Mark is The Mole…and if he is? Well, he’s gotta be the worst friggen Mole in Mole history, because he’s pretty much single handedly been winning the game for everyone…

Nichole just seems like shes covering things up.

As for Craig? The only reason I choose him to begin with, is because he LOOKS like a mole…Doesn’t he? like one of them ground burrowing moles…..


Some of you may know that SoulCalibur IV was released yesterday. Well, I decided I just HAD to pick this game up. So, I pre-ordered this sucker and got my copy! What did I think of it? Before I answer that I should clear up a few things.

First, I am not a fan of the SoulCalibur games. In fact this is the first one I have ever played! Yes, you read true….I have never played a SoulCalibur game before yesterday. Obviously then my opinion won’t be that of a SoulCalibur fanboy.

Secondly, I am not a fan of fighter games in general. In fact, in most cases I despise them! This includes Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and even Virtua Fighter. Although there was this wrestling game I did like..However I wouldn’t consider that a fighter title.

So, now you might be asking yourself “Why the hell did you get this???”and the answer is simple. I am a geek! Not the smart kind of geek either, just the weird creepy kind of geek…Although I am not stupid by any means..At any rate, I am a geek, and well…quite honestly, I got it cause Yoda from StarWars was in it.

At any rate! The graphics are great, but thats the only thing I found entertaining. Even playing Yoda was pretty much crap. I was extremely disappointed. Im not saying its a bad horrible game. If you love these games, its prolly going to appeal to you. However not my cuppa tea, and even Master Yoda wasnt enough to change my mind on this game.

Well, a few of my favorite TV shows began tonight. The shows I am referring to of course is Monk and Psych, 2 great shows that go great together.

I haven’t yet seen them, they are (I hope) sitting happily on the DVR box. Most likely I will watch psych first, because the series has quickly became one of my favorites, and I have been eagerly looking forward to that.

Although I am curious how Monk is going to play out, especially since stanley kamel who played Dr. Kroger passed away a few months back. I know that hector elizondo has been cast as Adrian Monks new doctor, although im not sure how that’s going to play out. Kamel just seemed like such a perfect fit.

First, I want to begin by saying I have nothing against Homosexuals, in fact some of my friends are gay. I have nothing against heterosexuals, in fact most of my friends are straight. I do have a wee bit of an issue with bisexuals though, despite the fact that one of my friends is bisexual(Although I just pretend she’s straight).

So, now you might be asking “What the hell? What’s your problem with bi’s???” or you might not be asking this at all, however I am still going to tell you. Brace yourself people, and if yer one of them folks who DON’T want to know…feel free to skip the rest of this entry.

Homo and Hetero make sense to me. These are sexual preferences. These aren’t choices we make. We are born either born hetero or homo. So, what’s bisexuality? It’s Horndogginess! That’s what it is! It’s definitely NOT a sexual preference…Yea, there are some who say “I beg to differ but it sure as hell is a preference.” and to those people I ask…”What preference is it? Not to fuck the family goldfish?” Fact of the matter is…Bisexuals HAVE no sexual preference…Yes some will say they prefer men or women….but bottom line, if ones not around…They will knock boots with the next gender.

So, do I have an issue with it? Of course! How can I not? I mean seriously, a bisexual is just a horndog!