Difficult day

Posted: June 18, 2008 in All about ME!
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Yesterday was a difficult day for me, as it is every year. It’s one of those days I become mopey while feelings of anger swirl about inside me, making me want to lash out at the world in a flurry of punches. However, just like every year the anger slowly slips away, and for awhile at least I can resume my daily activities.

So, why was yesterday so hard? It marked my late wifes birthday. I tend to get depressed on that day, as well as the date of her death and our wedding anniversary.

I decided though, that since her blog has long since gone down, and since I did back it up to my HD before it was removed, That I would re-post her final birthday blog entry here, so you could see even a glimpse at what kind of a woman she was.

It’s my birthday. And yesterday was my birthday..but only in Australia…so..it was kind of stretched out over two days. My mum called me tonight and wished me a Happy Birthday which is always nice. It felt nice to be with my husband, although I did have to work.


 I kind of missed our family tradition of being allowed to pick whatever kind of fast food I would like for dinner though. Makes me smile and feel kind of silly now, but it was always a highlight of my birthdays as a kid. And where’s my yummy cream filled cake from the bakery around the corner? The one that would float it’s way into our lounge under the guidance of it’s little candles? The candles that come from that old maragrine container in the back of the cupboard where all good birthday cake things are held? The one we eat after dinner, and after everyone has sung Happy Birthday to me? And where’s my Nana (dad’s mum) to give me the nylon panties that are five sizes too small as my gift? I want those panties and I want em now!


 Still, I had a lovely birthday, because my husband’s Grandma bought me a cake before she left for her vacation in Nebraska, and it was so unexpected, it meant alot to me. And my husband makes every day special anyway.



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