Moment of Truth

Posted: May 29, 2008 in Tv is good
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Some of you may have watched this show called Moment of Truth last season when it first aired. Well, this week season 2 is back with a vengeance! If you haven’t heard of this TV series, let alone watched it..Allow me to give you a basic rundown!

Contestants are hooked up to a lie detector, and then asked questions. Some embarrassing. Some are just outright wrong. As the contestant answers questions he or she gains more money. They can quit at anytime(as long as a question hasn’t been asked) and take home their winnings. As long as they keep answering truthfully they rake in the cash(up to half a million smackaroo’s which I might add nobody has claimed that much yet here) If they lie and get a question false? They loose all that they have won.

A lot has been lost due to season 1. Friendships destroyed, relationships trashed, families ripped apart. All that kind of good stuff! Yea, I know. It’s horrible. But it’s my guilty pleasure. The way I see it, these people KNOW whats going to happen. They choose to subject themselves to this line of questioning, Granted it’s not fair on their family…..Yet, this surprisingly simple concept does make for good TV!

Anyway, Season 2 started and the first episode of the season was GREAT! They had some tough questions flying and everything. The guy seemed to be a bit of a sleaze, and didn’t really seem to care if his statements hurt people. In fact on occasion I would say he exclaimed his answers proudly.

One nifty little change they did with this season was increase the volume recording depth of the friends/family box. Last season you really couldn’t hear the little whispers and mumbles, now apparently…it’s loud and clear..maybe even louder than the host and contestant…Anyway! It’s my guilty pleasure…so, you should check it out too!

  1. Mary Ann says:

    These people obviously are so greedy that they don’t care who they hurt.

    I guess I do watch out of curiosity, but I think the viewers see more commercials than anything else!

  2. Kelly says:

    Hahh, I freaking love that show! Was watching it last night, and I felt so bad for the family of this…girl that was soo.ugh, lmao. It kinda proves the lust of money can overpower your care for your family. IT’S MY GUILTY PLEASURE TOO! ^-^

  3. Kelly says:

    P.S: And I agree with the lady! You DO see a lot of commercials. So annoying.

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