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Lack of posts

Posted: May 30, 2008 in All about ME!
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Yea, I know. I haven’t posted much in the last…..Long while. I have been busy working on my wee little shop thingie in the virtual world of Secondlife. Everything is ALMOST done thank god, so once thats all finished, you can expect regular blog posts from me once again.

On the upside, later today I do plan on writing an post up about something that happened to me yesterday. So stay tuned. Same Bat-time, same bat-channel!


Some of you may have watched this show called Moment of Truth last season when it first aired. Well, this week season 2 is back with a vengeance! If you haven’t heard of this TV series, let alone watched it..Allow me to give you a basic rundown!

Contestants are hooked up to a lie detector, and then asked questions. Some embarrassing. Some are just outright wrong. As the contestant answers questions he or she gains more money. They can quit at anytime(as long as a question hasn’t been asked) and take home their winnings. As long as they keep answering truthfully they rake in the cash(up to half a million smackaroo’s which I might add nobody has claimed that much yet here) If they lie and get a question false? They loose all that they have won.

A lot has been lost due to season 1. Friendships destroyed, relationships trashed, families ripped apart. All that kind of good stuff! Yea, I know. It’s horrible. But it’s my guilty pleasure. The way I see it, these people KNOW whats going to happen. They choose to subject themselves to this line of questioning, Granted it’s not fair on their family…..Yet, this surprisingly simple concept does make for good TV!

Anyway, Season 2 started and the first episode of the season was GREAT! They had some tough questions flying and everything. The guy seemed to be a bit of a sleaze, and didn’t really seem to care if his statements hurt people. In fact on occasion I would say he exclaimed his answers proudly.

One nifty little change they did with this season was increase the volume recording depth of the friends/family box. Last season you really couldn’t hear the little whispers and mumbles, now apparently…it’s loud and clear..maybe even louder than the host and contestant…Anyway! It’s my guilty pleasure…so, you should check it out too!

Ever have just “One of those weeks”? Course we all have I think! This week seems to be “One of those weeks” for a LOT of people, myself included. It seems like everyone I know is going through difficult times, and it really sucks because half the time I can’t say or do anything to make things better..Although I do try, most of the time however all I do is make thanks worse *Le Sigh*

So, if you are one of those people, going through “One of those weeks” this week…take comfort in knowing at least that you are NOT alone. Maybe it’s something in the air or the water…I haven’t a clue…but it seems like 2 out of 3 people i know are having one….

Either way….Try and keep happy, and keep a smile going! Things ALWAYS have to’s impossible for things to keep worse(Unless you die I suppose :p) So, if there’s any truth in what people say about smiles being contagious…Here’s something to help you along your way!


Okay, I admit, Americans have some stupid ads that just doesnt make any sense. However, America does not have a monopoly on weird ads! In fact, America is an amatuer in weird ads when compared to Asian ads!

Need proof? I can provide you proof! Just watch this japanese “Toilet Time” ad! How freaky is that? What’s that? Looks weird but don’t understand Japanese? Fear not my friends, because there is also a version with english subtitles! yea, I know right? Even stranger in english! In fact, it’s kind of disturbing!

However Korea even has a weird ad! An ad for Tittysambo! It’s a PC….I think.

Ok, so I havent been writing a lot in my blog lately…Yes, I am still alive. This I am sure could be a bit of a disappointment to a lot of the Blogging community. Maybe a handful of others are relieved.

Mainly working on clothes for my Second Life Fashion store called TOCO. Also, I went and made a product blog for it….So, check it out if you like 🙂

yea, that’s the URL…I may spruce it up a little when I get some time, but at the moment ill keep it looking like that..nothing wrong with plain right?

Let’s see…what else is new? Oh! Right! A water pipe exploded under my house! On top of that, the pipes going to have to ALL be replaced, which is a huge job..which means I am stuck without water for an undetermined ammount of time…Making this situation WORSE is the fact that I live out in a small desert town in California…..AND it’s bloody hot with summer fast approaching…

Yea, obviously I am not a happy Camper….