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Posted: February 27, 2008 in All about ME!
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Well, I had a slight surprise the other day. I had left the house, but only for a wee while. I wasn’t gone long, maybe 15 mins at most? I returned home and as I was coming up the stairs I heard what sounded like noices coming from within the house. I didn’t really think much of it. It had been rainy and windy that night, so I figured it was prolly the house settling or something. It’s an old house, and that’s what old houses do, they settle!

So, I continue up the steps and unlock the door, now when I think back I remembered hearing what sounded like running, and I noticed it just as I was popping the door head kicks in..”That’s running…what the?” and at about that moment this guy runs out of MY house and pushes past me, slamming me against the wall…I stood there for a second because I was slightly confused. The guy bolted and kept going.

Nothing was missing however, so I am thinking it was one of two possible scenarios. The first being that he was a spy for a foreign government and mistook me for an american spy and wants some microfilm…you know, like all those cool movies..Granted, this would be the coolest scenario, but quite frankly the least likely.

The second scenario? Like I said, I was only gone a maximum of 15 mins, so it is possible that he just got there mere moments before I did, thus i interupted his thieving process. This scenario is much more likely and plausible…I will prolly just stick to the spy story for public gatherig tales though.

So, anyway..How did he get in? Well, the back door was open..although the lock wasnt broken, so I am not sure how he got it opened…However it also arises another question..Such as, why the HELL did he ram through me, when he coulda just turned around and bolted out the back door..wouldnt that be safer? Quicker? Just all around better?

Anyway, that was my excitement for the week…What am I doing posting garbage this early? Bad dream…I couldn’t sleep…I’ll tell you the dream another time, cause im in too foul a mood about it right now to bother going off about it.


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