I’m not THAT bad…

Posted: February 25, 2008 in All about ME!
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I’m not a horrible person…I’m not. I realise I have my faults, like all people do. I am a jealous type of person(Though my level of jealousy has only been a recent occurance..and I hate that I am jealous…it makes me sick to my stomach), I am butt ugly..I realise everyones opinion of what is attractive and not changes for person to person..but I am fat and ugly by any standards.

 That aside, I am not a bad person. I make an excellent friend. I am loyal, honest, trustworthy and generous to a fault. I love to help people, i try and keep my word to the best of my ability..because I sincerely believe that a man is only as good as his word…and if his word isn’t worth crap, then quite frankly..neither is he.

I believe these qualities make me a good friend, and if I was less jealous and more attractive, I believe I wouldnt be a bad romantic catch either. So, why then would someone whom i spent over 3 years with…both of us deeply in love with someone..after breaking up with me just push me aside after saying she just wanted to be friends. Why does she ignore me and treat me like some freak with a contagious disease that will make her grow a second head? “I need space” she says…Well, fine…but during that time while shes taking what space she needs…she drives a wedge between us..that after enough time passes…im afraid there wont be anything left to salvage.

Why does she do this? It doesn’t make sense to me, and she wont really talk to me..because..she needs her space..so, in the meantime I am hurting beyond belief and deprived of the person I considered my best friend and closest confidant…It’s like I am being punished..and I don’t even know for what.


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