Posted: February 10, 2008 in Gaming
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Ok, I first want to begin by stating exactly how fun the idea of WWE : SMACKDOWN VS. RAW 2008 on the Xbox 360 is! The graphics are top notch, the play styles are incredible..I even hate WWE wrestling but found myself litterally HOOKED on this game. The character models are so well done, that you might find it difficult to believe this is just a game! This game actually made me even consider watching a WWE match again(Last time I watched one, it was called WWF, and Hulk hogan was ripping off his shirt and pulverising Rowdy Piper into the mat with the aid of Junkyard dog.)…I didn’t watch it again, but definately considered.

So, now you might be thinking “Woah! Perfect game! Must check it out!” Well, hold your horses their pardner…See, the game is SO full of bugs and glitches, its enough to make you wanna rip your hair out and scream…I mean, Don’t gaming companies use beta testers anymore? Aren’t they supposed to get paid, so Us…the people who are buying their games don’t have to do the testing for them? So, our hard earned money can be spent on something fun and entertaining, instead of on a bug filled game that doesn’t even work the way it should?? Come on THQ! Get yer head in the game! You rushed this title, and it shows…If you hadn’t rushed this game out, you might actually have an incredibly fun game!

So, what are these bugs you might be asking yourself? Well, first and foremost, 70% of the time in 24/7 mode, when you make choices to progress the story, the game chooses a different option FOR you…It doesn’t matter if it’s choosing your partner in Tag teams, or choosing to accept offers…which basically means, you rarely have any control over the future of your “superstar”.

That’s not even it! Occasionally, granted, not as frequently as the previously mentioned bug..but occasionally never the less..The game freezes up. I have tried this on different consoles and with different peoples games…Thankfully the freezing bug, doesnt happen too often..but the fact that it does? Still is quite annoying. I paid for a functioning game, not a half assed game. When I plunk down good money, I expect a finished game in return…not something still being worked on..is that too much to ask for?

How about a patch THQ???

Another thing that bugs me about this title is that even if you win a match, the finishing cut-scene shows you as loosing, or being injured and laughed out of the ring by your opponent(Who last I saw was laying in the center of the mat KO’ed and with blood spurting out of his face). I guess this is to progress the storylines and such…but please! If I do all that crap to beat the snot out of someone, I want that to show in the cut-scenes!

In any event, when and if this game gets patched and fixed, This will be an outstanding game..With incredible character creation tools and 3 major brands..And incredible matches(From ladder matches to cage matches)

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  2. rohit says:

    hi how i come in wwe and made a fighter

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