Posted: February 4, 2008 in Gaming
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Well, I just discovered that about the only game that will run on my spare computer is World of Warcraft. So, I broke down and re-subscribed to this game that I abandoned a few years back. So, now I am back playing that..I guess…At least until my computer gets fixed and I can ditch it again. I am playing on the Horde side, since I was Alliance before, and already know all those quests. I also decided to pick up the Burning Crusade expansion pack…cause, I wanted to play a Blood Elf actually.

Bottom line? The game still sucks..Sorry, I know a lot of you like it, and that’s great! If running around gathering bug eyes and spiderlegs is your kind of epic adventure…More power to ya! Me however? I prefer games that AREN’T boring as all hell. It didn’t take long for me to remember exactly why I quit the blasted game for 2 years to begin with.

The PvP is fun though, I will give it that…but hardly worth subscribing for..The quests are boring, and quite honestly..I fell asleep playing it..thats how boring the thing is…Why can’t they add cinema scenes? Or something that actually makes it feel like yer being pulled into an epic breathing fantasy world…and shove you into a story that seems almost over whelming? Where you are battling against all odds to save humanity.

Instead you are loot hunting and gathering bug parts for crazy townspeople….Sorry, Gimme LotRo or Guildwars any day.

  1. Fair post, the grind can be rough. You mention PvP, so I’m curious about what aspects of LotR and GW you like, and what the comparison is like against WoW.

    I’ve got a few mates who are handing out for Warhammer or Conan, as a change of pace, but who didn’t get much joy from LotR. As I’m time poor, I tend to play only one game at a time, and can’t switch – so looking for advice from one who has done it.


  2. shaide says:

    Well, each game (Guild wars and LotRo has their own different appeals) Both games have great stories, that doesn’t constitute as ingredient hunting, and it makes you feel like you are part of something big, not just doing someones chores for them. I enjoy that, But that’s because I have been playing D&D since I was like 12, so story and aventure are a big plus for me in these types of games.

    As far as PvP goes, Guildwars is about on par with PvP in WoW(Except saddly there is no world pvp. Which makes it hard to run around as a lvl 70 and beating up lvl 25s for shits and giggles.) The PvP plays nearly identical. You can also creat a maxed lvl PvP character which is ONLY played in PvP..so you can PvP from the start.

    LotRo PvP is a bit different and is what they call “Monster play”. Once you become lvl 10 on any character(Which takes roughly 3 or so hours) you gain access to the Monster character screen. Here you create monsters like orcs, trolls and so fourth that are maxed out to the highest lvl, and you can attack high lvl players while they are out running about the zone. So, you can be put into PvP quicker than in WoW..which I think is great,.

    Ultimately though it’s the stories and the quests that appeal to me. I love being part of a huge story and having cinema screens pop in after major arcs. .

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