Still ticking…

Posted: February 2, 2008 in All about ME!
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I am thrilled to say that I am still alive! So, you maybe asking yourself where the hell I have been for all these moons(Been a month actually if nobody has noticed.)? Well, fact of the matter is, I have been having a buttload of computer problems, and been taking the system in for repairs, getting told it’s fine..only to have it doing chainsaw impressions upon re-hooking it up.

So, long story short…the computer has been in and out of the shop, and I have been stuck on my not-so great “Back-up” PC. It allows me to connect to the web, check my mail and so fourth..saddly, that’s about it. The important thing that it does do however, is allow me to talk on skype, unfortunately that’s been a bit of an issue as of late as well. You see, the spare computer has decided its going to play sick too. It decided to do this moments after I was informed that my main PC could be in the shop for up to 2 months!

I’m hoping the spare holds out til then, and hoping the main is actually fixed at that point. As long as I can keep using skype, I don’t really need anything else…I mean…I still got you right Blog? You won’t ever let me down….Right?


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