Bah Humbug!

Posted: December 30, 2007 in Tv is good
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Well, as many of you most likely know, christmas just recently zoomed on past us. A time for presents, pretty lights, fat men getting stuck in chimneys, gingerbread cookies, egg nog and 24 hour marathons of “A christmas story“. Overall it’s supposedly a great happy holiday. While I am not too much of a celebrating christmasholic I don’t completely hate the holiday..I just don’t celebrate it as much as some people.

One thing I do however usually do is watch: Miracle on 34th street, It’s a wonderful Life, How the grinch stole christmas and A christmas Carol. Although this year, I just stacked em up on my DVR since I have been kinda busy as of late…So, took awhile to get through them. However I watched them all….It wasn’t until AFTER christmas, but it still counts.

Christmas Carol is my mostest favorite one though I think. Mainly because of the gothic/sci-fi/supernatural aspect I think. Definately because I agree with the “Morals” of it. In fact, I couldn’t disagree more with them. I think Scrooge is a fool quite honestly. I mean, the old codger is incapable of change. Yes, he stops being greedy, but think about it! He is for lack of a better word, an extremeist.

Scrooge went from extremely greedy to extremely generous. Both opposite ends of the spectrum, and both pushed to the extremes. When he became generous he handed out gold like it was going out of style. Tore up bills that people owed him and so fourth. While good in theory, it’s actually quite horrible. Hell, the old fool most likely threw all his money out on that one day, his acts of “Generosity” also made it where his business wasn’t going to be earning him much..if anything at all, therfor he hurt himself. What good is he going to accomplish if he becomes one of the huddles helpless masses?

There is a middle ground, which is the path he should have traveled. Instead however he revealed his sickness of extreme actions. Also, who’s to say which is worse? Hurting others with his greed or hurting himself with his generosity?

Still, it’s a good story, just really messed up morals in my opinion.

  1. desiree says:

    stop hatein on him just because he got da looks an im his fan wonderful fan comein frm dc kw ne holla @ mi

  2. shaide says:

    Desiree? What are you talking about? Quit hatein on Scrooge? Yer Scrooges fan? You know, i think you meant to post this in the blog entry where i was making fun of Li’l Wayne, cause this seems like one of the wayne defense comments.

    If however you DID mean you are scrooges fan, and that the old guy has the looks, and i should stop hatin’ on him…..Well, too bad! He’s an old fool! I meant what I said and i said what I meant, and Shaide is right one hundred percent!”

  3. jhonson says:

    because i like that

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