Classic Thor Comic

Posted: December 27, 2007 in Comics
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I love comic books, most people who know me already know this. I have even in the past gone into discussions about my favorite comic book company. So, this definately isn’t a secret. So, I’m not going to repeat that previous discussion…It’s out there, you all know about it.

What I am going to do however is talk about CLASSIC marvel comic books. They came out in a time when Americans were all great, all knowing and of course…a time when the american people were scared to death of communists(Some may still be scared to death of communists..I don’t know..but if they are luckily it doesn’t show in comics).

Case in point. Classic Thor comics(Was before he had his own series..back when he shared ‘Journey into mystery’ with some other Marvel heroish type..person) always pitted Goldilocks…errr…I mean Thor against either crazy gods or…Communists! Some times just communist agents, other times whole freaking communist countries…In one such instance Thor saved the day from them wacky commies and their leader decided he was gonna head off somewhere with his countries cash flow…and then his army-type people…realised how bad he was, how bad communists were…and how great America was…and killed their leader so ol’ thundergod wouldn’t hafta! Here’s a little panel that shows that.

Silly Commies

See? Classic! Ya gotta love those older comics, because they are so realistic….


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