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Posted: December 1, 2007 in General, Music
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Fashion in this day and age is…well, quite weird to be honest. I’m not talking about high fashion, from top of the line designers from france and other countries(Those have always just plain wierd). The fashion I am referring to is Hip-Hop fashion, if it could actually be called “Fashion”.

Things like backwards AND upside down sunvisors(Which kinda defeats the purpose doesn’t it?), saggy britches or even BACKWARD britches…Pull your pants up and turn em around I say! I swear, it looks like these people can’t even dress themselves..and yet people dress like this and aren’t even embarassed!

One of the worst offenders I can think of is a rapper named Lil Wayne. Have a look for yourself!


What the hell?!? This guy not only has the sagging britches going on, but also has 2 layers of boxers, so that 1 layer can sag as well! the most disturbing part of this picture though is his tank top. He has his HEAD stuck through his arm hole..the scary part is i think he’s sober.

I mean, sure! I used to dress like that when I was younger….but I was Three, and then my mom would laugh, pat me on the head for being all cute and trying to dress myself, then she would dress me properly. This poor guy never had that luxury. So sad! So sad!

  1. amanda says:

    hip hop fashion is beautiful. to comment on the last comment lil wayne is not wearing two layers of boxers he is wearing BASKETBALL SHORTS AND BOXERS if you are going to bitch about the hip hop fashion get it straight!! i hate it when guys DONT SAG THEIR JEANS they look hella young if they don’t. Im from california the bay area to be exact (510 on MAMAS!!!!) everybody who is hatin on hip hop fashion is hella mad cuz they cant pull of the look- dont be hatin!!!!! and for the record lil wayne is THE SEXIEST RAPPER NO MATTER WHAT HE WEARS. im guessing the person who wrote the comment hatin on him is some old ass white person. get over it welcome to 2008.

  2. blair says:

    ok well first, he has boxers on and shorts over them. and his shirt isn’t through the arm hole, it’s just half up, like he was in the middle of taking it off.

    i’d like to see a picture of a rapper with his pants on backwards. i’m pretty sure NO rapper wears their pants backwards.

    don’t talk shit like this if you’re wrong about it in the first place.

  3. shaide says:

    He’s NOT in the middle of taking off his tank…he’s posing….You don’t pose while you are undressing! As far as no rapper wearing backwards pants? I was referring to hip-hop fashion in GENERAL not just todays hip-hop…so hate to burst your bubble, but in the early 90’s thanks to the likes of Kris Kross wannabe rappers DID wear their pants backwards…I even laughed at them a bit even at the time.

    And yes, you are correct..that was my mistake…thats a pair of boxers, a pair of shorts, and a pair of pants..each slightly more pulled down than the other…as if that makes it look any less ridiculous.

    The rappers dress this way because they need a gimmick, to seperate themselves from other rappers..I understand this. Its however when the little wannabe copycat kids go around thinking they look cool by dressing like this that makes me spit milk from my nose. Seriously….Do you honestly think when Li’l wayne see’s someone dressed like him that he doesnt laugh at the person? I’m not saying he does….But I sure as hell would. He gets paid a whole lotta cash to look goofy…what excuse does the wannabes have?

    Nuff said.

  4. sarah says:

    Ok so I’m from the Bahamas and let me tell you bitch that yes it is a bit unrealistic to dress like that but god dam he is The SEXIEST shit alive! So shove that up your torn up Dike ass and fuck off!!!and if there were guys like that in the Bahamas I never would have moved!

  5. shaide says:

    “So shove that up your torn up Dike ass and fuck off!!!” what the hell does that even mean? Isn’t a dike kind of like a dam? Im fairly certain it is….Do you mean dyke? Even that would make little sense because a dyke is a derogatory term for a Lesbian, and im not a woman..

    As for the look being the sexiest shit alive? Some people think mass murderers are the sexiest shit alive, doesnt make Murder OK, or make the person who thinks its sexy sane.

    Lastly, Congrats on being from the Bahamas? <.<

  6. daniela says:

    your racist bitchj

  7. Azzy says:

    This is her/his opinion! So Lay off! I mean, I understand looks weird with the boxers and all that shit, but kinda looks nice on him. As Shaid said, It does NOT look good on other people though. And Sarah, who the hell do you think you are saying, “So shove that up your torn up Dike ass and fuck off!!!” What the hell does that even mean?!!!!?

  8. shaide says:

    Thank you Azzy! Yer the first one that got what I was saying, you win a cigar…heh

    Dani? “Racist bitch”? is this to me? Cause, I don’t get it..Sorry…It’s not racist, because anyone dressing like that I think I would prob giggle a little about..It’s not the SANEST of looks.

  9. adrienna says:

    r u kidding me first of all lil wayne is sooooooo hottt so ya & obviousely are like mentaly stuiped cuzz all fashion are liked to the person wereing them !! & it looks good on him & if your gonna tear down peoples fashion sense then do it in ur own home not on the web …… i love him & his fashion so dont say shit u fukking cunt go burn !!!!

  10. shaide says:

    No, I am most certainly NOT kidding you Adrienna! He looks like a 3 year old trying to dress himself. Does it look good on him? Not in my opinion. It makes him look like a clown I think. Your opinion however is apparently different though…Good thing we are all entitled to opinions.

    As for tearing down his fashion sense…I don’t HAVE to tear it down, he’s doing an amazing job of that himself…However, as I said in a previous comment…He gets paid a lot of money to look like a clown, and if I was getting paid that much…I would wear boxers on my head with a feather sticking out the pee hole and call it hip-hop fashion.

    However, Wannabes who go around dressing like that WITHOUT getting paid, is just insane…and they deserve to get laughed at quite honestly…and I will continue to laugh at them…all nice an hearty like! 😀

  11. brad says:

    fuck u all lil wayne is a god the best rapper alive so dont dis him

  12. kathey says:

    wtf lil wayne is incredible and he looks fucking hooottttt in that picture sorry you cant pull it off like him. just mind your own business if you dont like it leave it alone weezy f babys the shit

  13. shaide says:

    Ok, I have to say this….Seriously if all you people can do is go “OMG! boohoohoo! Lil wayne is hott! Leave him alone!” then the only thing you are getting from is, is laughed at.

    Want to be taken seriously? How about providing reasons WHY this look isn’t 100% ridiculous, because honestly..”He’s hottttttt” doesnt cut it..All that does is serve to make you look like a fool, and proves my point..because not one of you have said any reason how this can be a beneficial look.

    I mean, I think Paris is hot, but she still dresses like a dumb slut. I cant really use “She’s hot!” to defend against her choice of clothes.

  14. Tana Shae says:

    yeahh. Lil Wayne gets paid a lot of money to dress that way, but he’s his own person and if he didnt want to dress that way….HE WOULDN’T!!!!!!!!!!!! His producers and management signed LIL WAYNE && HIS FASHION SENSE!!! They didn’t just go pick him out of a crowd, teach him to sing, and tell him what to wear. He was himself before he EVERRR became WEEZY F. BABY…THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE. And that he is. Him and his fashion sense. He obviouslyhas a reason for dressing that way. If you’re hating so much on it…why don’t you ask Wayne himself instead of bitching about it on the world wide web. How’s THAT for reasons defending him?!?!?! Oh! And by the way….LIL WAYNE, WEEZY F. BABY, IS NOT ONLY THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE BUT HE IS THE HOTTEST RAPPER ALIVE OR DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. andrres says:

    sup nigga you are the best

  16. shaide says:

    The guy still looks like a clown. Only thing he’s missing is oversized floppy shoes and a foam nose that honks when he pokes it. Also, if anyone of you actually dresses like this, and you AREN’T getting paid loads of money as a rapper(which would probably be all spent on Scarface DVDs), Then you are a DUMBASS!

    Sorry, but it’s true! I know, the truth hurts sometimes. You’ll cry a little sure, but you’ll get over it and be alright in the morning.

  17. emma says:

    I find it sort of ironic that you are mocking this person. He’s a famous, successful rapper with a following. 100 years from now, people will remember him and his legacy. No one will remember you. Do you know why? Because all you do is sit around making fun of people’s outfits. Well, I think you should thank Lil Wayne for wearing that outfit. If he hadn’t, you wouldn’t have been able to blog about it and what would you do then? You wouldn’t have anything to write about. I came to this page because I saw Lil Wayne’s picture. The one you’ re making fun of is making you! That outfit could be paying for your meals. Why not say, “Thank you, Lil Wayne, you are the one I can thank, because with out you all these people wouldn’t have come to my website. Because I’m a pathetic loser who doesn’t do anything better than make fun of the outfits of successful people I only wish I could be like. I can’t even spell “weird” right.”
    Who knows? Maybe he’ll feel generous and let you borrow his tank top.

  18. shaide says:

    Actually Emma, most people who visit my blog are actually looking for the post about the 2 chicks eating their crap like it was an ice cream sundae from a cup. So, lets do one better here and thank people for being shit eaters.

    secondly, 100 years from now, I seriously doubt many people are going to know who the fuck Lil Wayne is quite honestly. I seriously doubt many will know who he is in 23 years for that matter. Rappers seldom leave a “Legacy”. However I won’t prevent you from having these warped little delusions running around in your mind. You sit there, and think…that just because every other rapper gets forgotten in less than 20 years by the vast majority, that Lil Wayne will forever be remembered because he dressed like a wee little retarded child.

    Lastly, as for me not knowing how to spell “Weird”? You either are a complete moron, who lacks the ability to read and comprehend, or you are so desperate to grasp at straws to defend the attire being worn by this “Hip-hop Clown” that you will try to use any means available to make a point. However all you did was make me roll my eyes and think “Wow, What a dumbass”! Why? Well, because my spelling of “wierd” was a typo, if you actually read the post, and the comments, you would note the spelling “Wierd” is only done once. however “Weird” which is the correct spelling is used repeatedly on numberous occasions.

    It’s ok, I will only laugh at your idiocy for a little while. Then I will go back to your hip-hop clown super hero whom you think apparently is going to have temples made in his name within 100 years.

  19. Jacob says:

    I can understand your discust with this situation…

    but why pic Lil Wayne ? Lil’ wayne is basically the GOD of Swagga and Rap. He is an WORLD WIDE LEGAND and People can’t get enough of his Style.

    So you can say shit about anybody else u want but, you’ll never be on his level !!!

  20. Let i be known says:

    Well I’m sure it caught your attention enough to even consider discussing. You have to admit it has enough appeal that you are thoroughly disgusted with it. And so what he’s dressed that way… I would be most honored to dress like a retard and be filthy fucking rich, while some person unworthy of mentioning writes about me. Go the fuck ahead… Post your picture. I dare you. But you probably wont do that. Hiding behind your flowery language and sarcasm is cute but it seems you really don’t have much else to do with your life and time, but have a discussion about Lil Wayne. You may have improved you motor skills and learned how to dress yourself, but it appears that you still do some things somewhat on a high school level. Maybe the photographer should be ran under the bus since he’s probably the one that told him to do that.. not lil wayne. But I don’t know.. Serial Killer? Murderer? Yeah thats what he is. Shouldn’t he be in Jail or something? Not many Rappers out there that are serial killers that I know of. Since thats all you hear then I guess its true. Are movies real life too? You probably believe those things really happened huh? But here you have heavymetal that talks about suicide. Thats okay tho. For obvious reasons I’m sure. You take one picture, or situation and surmise your whole thought about what and who people are. Yeah. Good use of your intelligence, that it clearly appears that you have. Is this how you are supporting yourself and paying student loans? Nice. Oh yeah Lil Wayne IS sexy too! have a nice day.

  21. shaide says:

    I am fairly certain I never accused Li’l Wayne as being a Serial Killer. Nor have I made that accusation about ANY rapper. Although the whole “Don’t Snitch” phenomenon going around is in my book equally bad, however thats a discussion for another time.

    I will also go on the record as saying some heavymetal fashion is pretty bad too. I am not saying the Hip-Hop fashion has a monopoly on bad taste.

    I however fail to see what the contents of songs have to do with poor fashion sense? Yes, Heavymetal songs deal with Suicide(Although I think you might be lumping some Emo in with heavymetal..But there are SOME heavymetal that deals with this subject) But, keep in mind there are rap songs dealing with gunning people down in the streets, killing cops and a load of other crap. I could rant for weeks about how bad rap lyrics are and I seriously doubt any of you would be able to defend it other than as “It’s an artistic expression” Which it may very well be. I have no qualms about the lyrics, however if someone who’s defending rappers brings up another musical genre lyrics, they too have to take into account that Rap has equally bad lyrics.

    Lastly, You ask if this is how I support myself? No, this is a hobby. Nothing more, as for me not having a life? Please check the time stamps between my blog posts. I rarely have time to blog, and you will also notice most of my comments are done late at night, when I am about ready to turn in for the night. Saddly, I dont have much of a life when I am in my PJs waiting for the electric blanket to warm the bed, and replying on here kills a few mins.

    P.S. Thank you for the compliment on my intelligence. I’m not so sure about the flowery language, but I also do write poetry and short stories, so I will admit I might have adopted my “Prose writing style” into my everyday writing. You are the second person to refer to my writing as flowery. Something to consider I suppose.

    P.P.S. People commenting in the futre should actually read this persons comment and learn from it. It’s well thought out, Offers points for his way of thinking, Not overly hostile(Although not overly friendly). The poster actually proved more of a point than most commenters combined. Do I agree with him? Not at all. However I understand more from where he’s coming than anyone else here…All valid points, and an opinion we are all allowed to have and express.

  22. Uknown says:

    I completely agree with you shaide its just blasphemy and a complete what in the hell when you see these people walking around and this whole jeans to your knees basketball shorts and then boxers…..wtf

    😛 thanks for the chuckle watch out im sure the next comments will be death threats from a “Gangster” or “Thug”

  23. shaide says:

    Gangster or Thug death threats? Wouldn’t be anything new….Most likely wouldn’t even see ’em coming. I would be blinded from the bling of their Grills…booya! LOL

  24. amanda hater says:

    you raccist bitch amanda wtf would you say “im guessing the person who wrote the comment hatin on him is some old ass white person. get over it welcome to 2008.” why the hell does it matter??? yea there is gonna be people who don’t like this style… SO WHAT????????? why do you have to say that it’s a old ass white person?? god damn you. i hate raccsists more then anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so how about you shut the hell up with your raccist comments and realize that this is 2008, not exactly a good time to be RACCIST.

  25. Rebeccaaa says:

    Shaide, I see where you’re coming from with this whole thing. But I’d have to say you’re a little over the top with all this. As far as I’m concerned they’re are very few pictures where Lil’ Wayne is dressed as above so I find it a little weird that you happened to choose this one out of thousands of others, I’m thinking it’s probably the easiest for you mock and make fun of. And if you haven’t noticed, many teenagers now a days where their pants exactly like this. In a lot of your comments you say you don’t understand how he wears his pants like that. Well, why don’t you just go ask kids on the street. I’m sure you’ve seen a numerous amount of kids wear their clothing exactly like this, if not close to it. So you’re little excuses and comebacks are cute, they really are, but why don’t you actually put it to the test since you seem to be so concerened about the way he dresses and chooses to wear his clothing, seems to me you have a lot to say about it, am i right?

    Something I also think you may be of interest in taking into consideration is put a picture of yourself on here. Since you love to make judgements and accusasions about someone else I’m sure many people would have a great deal of things to say about you. Maybe you’ll finally realize how stupid you sound making judgements about someone whom you do not even know, and I highly doubt you’ll be lucky enough to ever meet. So, a word of advice as quoted from Bob Marley, whom I’m sure you’re familiar with, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.

    With that said, I think you should stop wasting you’re time blogging about people and their outfits when you yourself probably don’t have that great of fashion sense either.

    I would like to mention though, that you’re debate skills are above anyones I’ve seen. So please, put it to good use, instead of wasting your time on the computer trying to think of a great comeback you’re able to use against whoever posted a comment last.

  26. shaide says:

    Ok, people seem to miss the idea behind this blog post. While I do mainly point out and target Li’l Wayne, this isn’t STRICTLY about his “fashion sense”. It’s about Hi-Hop fashion in general.

    Do I have a good sense of fashion? Well, enough of a Fashion sense to know that look is ridiculous. I however do not wear cutting edge fashion. I make no attempt to be what people deem “Fashionable”. Im a Jeans and T-shirt kind of guy. You really can’t got *TOO* wrong with jeans and a t-shirt. So, not really TOO much that can be said except maybe making snide comments about the politically incorrect statements printed on the front of some of my shirts :O

    As for the comment about my debating skills? I thank you I think. Although im not really trying to debate. I am also not wasting time coming up with come backs. I don’t need to. I simply state facts. It’s how I feel on the situation…

    Hip-Hop Fashion = Clown-wear with bling.

  27. .*. Whitney .*. says:

    I think lil wayne is fucken hott! & hey if he wants to dress like that more power to him… like can u imagine lil wayne dressen like jessy mcartney… NO!!! i didnt think so… and hey man lil wayne is so hot with his shirt off n e wayz like look at that body… & who would diss lil wayne …. ppl gotta stop haten famous ppl and get a life and get off your computer and do something like if u are a lil wayne fan then get off ur computer and get a life and go see him in concert!!

  28. Kelly says:

    Wow, I pretty much just spent all my time on here reading this stuff instead of Viewing full-size image on google, ha ^-^

    As I was reading, I kept thinking why do all these people who say things such as “get off your computer and stop hating” or whatever, when it seems as if they’re doing the same thing. Hypocritical I suppose? Maybe they should practice what they preach.

    Okay I’m not hating on Lil’ Wayne myself, because I think he’s pretty good looking, but I’m going to get real here and seriously not let that be a cogent excuse for his fashion sense. I’m not going to belligerently argue on why it sucks, and try to justify myself, when it’s just an opinion, and everyone is entitled to one.

    Not everyone likes my fashion sense, they think skinny jeans are ridiculous and Ray Ban style sunglasses are for children. What I’m trying to say is that everyone shouldn’t hate on someone just because of what they think about something, or they sport whatever style they’re sporting. This goes to all the people who commented, and pathetically defend LW’s style, and it also goes for ‘Shaide’ who was making fun of LW’s style. Although now that I think about it, isn’t this a blog? A place where you post opinions and your intake on certain things/events? People, fucking leave this dude alone and give him a break. He was just posting his opinion, and isn’t that something that you all have? I’m sure you do, if you have a reasoning mind, and I can promise you that not everyone is going to agree with it. I mean I definitely hands-down agree with ‘Shaide’ on how ridiculous some ‘Hip-Hop’ styles are, because just the other day I was on the bus and this dude comes on with this shirt that freaking went down to his knees and his shorts down to his ankles, and as he walked he was grasping on to his balls. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the pants? The crotch for your parts, so they don’t hang low? Ha. I seriously disagree with that area of Hip-Hop fashion.

    I’m just going to say one more thing – that isn’t Lil’ Wayne’s style in that picture. It’s a photo shoot, they dress him. Some of his actual style is kinda lame, but some of it is pretty cool. The things I agree with on HH Fashion, is random all-over print hoodies, and dunks. Although, that’s more ‘Nu-Ghetto’ fashion than HH.

    So you guys may say that I have nothing better to do other than sitting on my ass on my laptop and inserting my opinion on this. Well you guys are right, but sometimes you guys have nothing better to do right? You sit on your asses and watch T.V, getting sucked into HH music videos, which probably introduced you to LW in the first place.I’m not saying that it’s true, I’m just saying.

    Hm what else to say. Oh, I only like LW because of how good-looking he is, and some of his music. Not all of it, because he talks about weed and I’m just not into the idea of doing drugs. He also talk’s about sex and that makes me slightly uncomfortable, but most of all, his songs are funny, and I enjoy listening to them from time to time.

    The reason I’m not defending just one side, is because I’m trying to be fair, annnnd also trying to prevent from being hated on, LOL XD Buuut that’s probably going to happen anyway. -bookmarks this page- lol

    Soo um, ‘shaide’ you rock for defending your opinion on these dumbasses lol, this made my day, reading all of this.

    Hm yeah, I’m probably going to go check out other posts of yours and comment them, instead of getting that picture that I came for in the first place on Google and posting it on my blog and write my intake on him like you did XD -totally got sidetracked-

    Tata ❤

  29. Lisa says:

    Hey, what the hell give you the right to talk shit about him! come on, motherfucker, your’e out! That IS the style today! Grow up ma’am!
    If you are dissin the hiphop-style, it is YOU who is an asshole! When i see all that shit you write about how stupid it is to have the pants down the knees, you may look like a nerd for me. Haahaha, you sure have the pants under your shoulders! Yeah, what do you think is best of that, huh?

  30. Lisa says:

    hey, What the hell give you the right to talk shit about him!
    DAMN, If you wanna diss the Hiphop-style, and don’t like that boys have the pants long down, I guess you are the opposite! You sure wearing the pants under your shoulders XP Haahaha, yeah, for me you look like a nerd.
    Soo eat my shorts ma’am.

  31. Maximilla says:

    It is a style motherfucker!! go and lick somebody’s ass! bitch!

  32. Victoria says:

    OK my turn 2 give my opinion. anybody who commented on this with some bullshit about “racist bitch” or w/e was said about a dike, your approach is pathetic, it really is cuz u sound like a lil kid and nobodys gonna take u seriously. that, HOWEVER, does not mean i agree with whoever wrote this lil article..
    1st of all, you need 2 realize that fashion…is fashion. im SURE w/e u decide 2 get up and wear on your lil daily excursions, w/e they may be, would be found weird, ugly, or “pathetic”, by SOMEBODY out there. thats the point of it being fashion. there is no fashion style in the world that every1 would agree on.
    and by you trying 2 make a statement that he looks like a clown, you’re a small-minded ignorant person who SHOULDN’T have the attention from this many people, yet you do because what you’re TRYING to preach about is ridiculous. hip hop fashion MAY be ridiculous 2 you, but it means a lot 2 a lot of other ppl and what you say about it and how you degrade it is pathetic, soo.. you’re pathetic. you don’t understand ANYTHING about hip hop, you don’t understand ANYTHING about fashion, and you NEED 2 START understanding how 2 be more open-minded and less blissfully ignorant.

    and no.. im not some proper nerdy lil girl writing this, im 19 yrs old and i live in the hood.. sad thing 2 because i BELIEVE i know how 2 argue my point better than you do

  33. shaide says:

    Victoria, first of all just because you consider where you live as “The hood” doesn’t make you NOT nerdy…..Secondly…Yer 19, yea…You ARE a lol girl…But really, all of this has nothing to do with the subject of looking like a moron in hip-hop fashion.

    I wear jeans and a T-shirt, I don’t TRY and make fashion statements, I am thrilled with just not have my wonder worm flapping in the wind when I go outside. Not too many people can really say much about Jeans and T-shirts.

    Also, I am not trying to PREACH anything. I am simply stating a fact. Hip-hop fashion is as ridiculous as rhinestone boxers being worn on the head. Am I small minded and ignorant? I suppose if thats what you consider someone who laughs at people WILLINGLY dressing like idiots so they can emulate their favorite hip-hop star.

    I find it actually quite amusing that any of you can sit here and tell me that Hip-Hop fashion is great and wonderful, That Hip-Hop fashion is a STATEMENT….What the hell kind of statement is it? Because its not an individuality statement! It’s certainly not an “Im a professional adult” statement…So what exactly is the statement? Because all I see that is anywhere close to any kind of statement is “Please help! I never learned to dress properly!” I mean for fucks sake! “Hip-Hop Fashion” used to require you to not only dress like a 1 year old who tried dressing himself, but also required you to be sucking on a pacifier! If that doesn’t scream “Im a retarded little child!” then I don’t know what does.

    Lastly, this isn’t about who can argue their point better or not…its about Is hip-hop fashion ridiculous? Honestly? The answer is an ASTOUNDING yes! Any “Fashion” that involves people sucking on a binky and wearing upside down and backward sun visors is a fucking joke!

    If you CHOOSE to dress like this, you deserve to be laughed at…..It’s just that simple.

  34. Miriam says:

    Oohh, fat sarcastic old guy XP You must be a devil on the ladies. Now, let me get a point, NOONE will EVER walk around like that, cause he is POSING! Damn, you must be a real pointdexter XP Well I say shit on your hole motherfucking joke you made up, JUST to bother people who like Hiphop!
    You are so old, you wish you were 50!

  35. shaide says:

    Miriam, Miriam, Miriam….You poor deluded champion of the shortbus. This may come as a bit of a shock to your small little mind, but there are POSERS in this world. As a matter of fact, the sad thing is, today alone I saw 2 wannabe hip-hop clowns dressed in a similar style as the displayed picture. So, to claim nobody would walk around like that, is a complete falsity, and you should SERIOUSLY take a look around the world you live in.

    Next up, I am unsure what “Joke” you are refering to, because the only joke I have seen here is the way Li’l Wayne is dressed…and of course you trying to act like you have some shred of intelligence..and both cases I agree…with you…both are pretty stupid.

    Also…Poindexter? Are you shitting me? Did it take you all day to come up with something so mindblowingly original as “Poindexter”? That ranks up on the originality scale right along side of “Waldo”. Impressive….You have me at a loss for words.(Pst, That was the sarcasm you mentioned earlier….its really not that impressive or original…I did chuckle but i wasn’t laughing WITH you..I was laughing AT you..there’s a difference)

    Lastly, I do wish I were 50, because then I wouldn’t have to be totally humiliated seeing my peers dress like blingtards.

    On a side note, Li’l Wayne celebrates a birthday on sept.27th….He turns 26…can you believe that? 26 and still dressing as if he were three…it’s insane.

  36. […] { Tags: me, personal, private, shaide, unveiling } Ok, so ever since my post where I made fun of Li’l Wayne and how he dressed, I have gotten a LOT of death threats from barely literate Blog readers. […]

  37. Brandon says:

    Well..the pants backwards thing was from a group called criss cross back in 1990. They hadn’t even hit puberty at the time that they were rapping so that was acceptable. And that picture of lil wayne is kinda old, he dresses different now.

  38. shaide says:

    Holy crap! I forgot this post even existed. **Wipes the dust off it**

    Oh! Hello Brandon! 😀

    Yea, you are right Kriss Kross was in the 90’s, I stated that earlier. You are also correct the that they hadn’t hit puberty. However I should also point out, that many of the people who adopted their form of “Fashion” had hit puberty, and they willingly chose to wear their pants backward, much like people do with HH fashion in general.

    Lastly, again you are right, the picture is a little old, but if you check the date stamp of the post, you will notice that it’s from december of 07, so it’s nearly a 3 year old post. At the time of this writing, the picture wasn’t THAT old.

    Since then, yes he has started dressing differently. Which is why I haven’t made fun of him in recent years except in comments on this thread when I was trying to defend myself. 🙂

  39. J.j says:

    Holy shit you are all making such a big deal out of this shit! I agree with you all, si Lil Wayne is sexy, He is a hella bangin rapper. this just aint the best pic of him and what he is like. And for the poster… youy can make fun of the style and shit but why you gotta say names! no point to it your just asking for soem shit from some Lil wayne loving teens and shit. hahaha. its nothin personal, but io think you should shut your mouth if you gonna be bitchin and moanning about some shit you dont even know about. Its not affecting your life so zipp it, really. Im tired of all this jelousy and hate n’ shit. its stupid. you should be happy that he is happy with his style and life. and you should be happy for other people finding such a god. lol so no offence to any one but yeah, thats what i think.

  40. shaide says:

    To begin with, I state his name for one reason only, Because he is a public figure. It’s the same reason people used president Bush’s name when they said they thought he was a horrible president and a joke. Would you prefer his name censored? Would that that make your lil wayne loving teen self happier? Would you prefer replacing his name with “An un-named hip hop artist”? Would that make you feel all better?

    Along that same line, think of this logically, how many times have you said you didn’t like how a certain actor performs, or how a singer sounds. What gives you the right to use their name? Yea, exactly.

    Fact, I clearly state that my views here are my opinions. I think he used to dress like a clown. I think he dressed like a 3 year old dressing himself for the first time. As stated in a previous comment though, I do believe he has started to dress better in the past 3 years since I posted this entry. Last I checked blogs were made so people can express their opinion. You like Lil Wayne? Great! You want to dress like a clown just the way he used to? I am happy for you More power to you! You know what though? You WILL be laughed at. You WILL be made fun of. You can’t go around dressed like a comic character from a parody comic magazine and expect nobody to laugh at you for dressing like that.

    Bottom line, Lil Wayne in my opinion 3 years ago dressed like a joke. It’s as simple as that. If you have trouble believing that someone could have an opinion different from yours in regards to celebs, then you probably shouldn’t surf around the internet too much, because people have this annoying habit of expressing their opinions and beliefs on-line. Scary huh? Welcome to the web!

  41. Isaiah says:

    Stfu u fattass wayne ROCKS

  42. shaide says:

    Yea, great comeback! It hurt! I’m devastated.

    Good one. Lack of punctuations and poor spelling and all. Totally made me feel stupid. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways.

    Good day sir.

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