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Posted: November 27, 2007 in Comics, WWW and beyond!
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I have never denied the fact that I love comic books, in particular Marvel comics! Yes, I am a “Marvel Geek” and proud of it! Comic books allow you to enter an ongoing world of pure fantasy, but not so far removed as to be totally unfamiliar to the reader. It’s a world where ANYTHING can happen, and you can associate with it, because the towns, the buildings and all that are things you already know. On top of that, Marvel(As well as DC) have been around so long, that the universe of their comic books has such a rich history, that goes back farther than my existance!

So, why Marvel over DC? Well, several reasons! One is that I think the Marvel Comics universe is more realistic. Yes I know, that doesnt even make sense! People swinging from weblines? Gods chilling at the corner Starbucks? How can that even be remotely realistic? What I mean, is in comparison to DC. The cities in Marvel Comics are REAL Cities, the president is our president! It’s exactly our world, with one small difference….Super Powered entities(And the occasional alien invasion, interdimensional shifting, Time warp and near death catastrophies that happen on nearly an hourly basis)!

Plus, Marvel characters are more “Human”, and the comics focus on that humanity. It’s not just a guy in a mask doing remarkable good, with the occasional glimpse at a face behind the mask! No! Not only do we get to watch our favorite hero’s thwart an alien invasion, but also watch him figure out how he’s gonna pay his electric bill, or the damage that his heroic deeds does to his homelife.

Now, that out of the way..The main point of this post is to inform everyone about Digital Marvel Comics! A service from Marvel, that allows you to subscribe for a very small ammount, and read THOUSANDS of their comics on-line! Past as well as present! Plus, even if you manage to read all of the titles, Marvel adds new titles EVERY week! You don’t ever have to worry about running out! Plus, it’s a good way to get caught up with your favorite heros, or just check out some of the amazing story arcs that shook the Marvel universe to it’s core..Like my personal favorite: “The Others” Spider-man Story Arc!

If you enjoy comics, do yourself a favor and check it out!

  1. bc3263827 says:

    This sounds awesome. I am definitely going to have to check it out. Although there is no substitute for walking into the neighborhood comic shop and seeing that wall of books just calling out to you and your wallet.

  2. shaide says:

    I wholeheartedly agree, unfortunately I live in a small one horse desert town. We have one grocery store, one video store, no arcades, one pizzaria and no electronic shops(Yea, basically hell on earth) and obviously no comic book stores. In fact, no stores(Grocery or corner market) that even sells issues off the news stand.

    So, to get my comics fix I have to resort to subscriptions and now Marvel Digital comics.

    In fact everything is done online..Movie rentals, game rentals and shopping..if not for the internet I would be so totally screwed..and not in a good way.

  3. […] I love comic books, most people who know me already know this. I have even in the past gone into discussions about my favorite comic book company. So, this definately isn’t a secret. So, I’m not going to repeat that previous […]

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