Bout dang time!

Posted: November 13, 2007 in Gaming
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Some of you might recall the trouble I was having not long ago with Gamefly? Well, that particular chapter of that horror tale finally closed. I recieved my games TODAY! That was a 2 and a half week turn around! To me, that seems a wee bit extreme, so I contacted Gamefly and sent them an email complaining about their service, and lack of customer support as I never seem to be able to get in touch with anyone.

I recieved my games today, and oddly enough also recieved a response from gamefly appologising for the delay, and passing the buck and the blame over to the Post Office. However, they did say they were sorry and have decided to grant me 2 week credit on my account for lost time.

Who’s to say if it was the Post Offices fault or not, the envelopes from Gamefly(Or Netflix for that matter) doesn’t get time stamped, so it’s hard to say when the game was actually sent out to me…if it was originally sent out when they claim, then obviously yea, it was the fault of the good ol’ United States Postal Service, without a doubt…IF however the game wasn’t mailed until a few days ago…then that’s the fault of Gamefly, however who can say? Not I! I guess we will see how soon it takes to recieve the next batch of games…Thats when I’ll pass my final judgement.


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