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Posted: November 11, 2007 in General
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Good or Bad?I have been doing some reading up, and general researching about the IRA(Irish Republican Army), and the more I read of what the IRA was(Cause, yanno…they don’t exist nowadays…..There’s also no such thing as the Mafia in case anyone was wondering!) the more I find myself thinking they aren’t ALL evil….Maybe just slightly misguided. They believe in what they were fighting for, and some of their points are quite valid. The thing is though, that the line between Freedom Fighter and Terrorist is a VERY thin line, and a line I believe they might have crossed on numberous occasions, though in all fairness I think most Freedom fighting groups have crossed that line, even government sanctioned military forces have.

So, bottom line? My thoughts on the IRA? Who’s to say….I see why they had the support they did. Terrorist or not, when you listen to their words, with their passion, it’s hard to say “Crazy evil villain!”…On the other hand it’s hard to support cold blooded murder and acts of terror as well…know what I mean?

One thing I can say about the IRA is this: They have some GREAT songs! If ya need proof, listen to these: Link1 Link2

  1. madskull says:

    get it in with them

  2. Tim says:

    u dont konw what you are talkin about!Terrorist?? are you mad those ppl are heros, this FACT is known the world over! what hav they ever done that constitutes as Terrorisim?? The english army have done alot that constitutes as terrism in ireland, inda, packistan, amarca, australia, japan, africa, iran, the list goes on and on, thought out the crose of history the english army have TERRISED, PILLIGE, and OPPRESED!! and the IRA arnt gone u fool, dont beleve everything u read! If u want the truth wach theis 2 documentrys. (

  3. shaide says:

    Actually, the fact that they are terrorists is known the world over. If we are talking about the REAL IRA. The ones responsible for the 1998 Omagh bombing? You know, where they murdered 9 children, a pregnant woman and a handful of tourists. Yep! Great heros you have there! I could list more acts of terror which have been carried out by your jolly band of heros too if you like?

    Lets also not forget that the US State Department has labeled the real IRA as a foreign terrorist organisation.

    So, they are Terrorists both by their actions and by government designation. Obviously then there can be no doubt, that they are terrorists.

  4. Tim says:

    I cant help but laugh at your comment.. you can say all u want about the RIRA, but that fact is stated on the police ombudesman report that the police knew exacly wer the bomb was planted, because they were made aware of that by the planters. And the RIRA did not plant the boom they just made it so get ur facts right. anyway i was not talkin adout the RIRA we were talkin about the RIRA but if u want to talk about it learn adout it first read the police ombudesman report.

  5. Tim says:

    Line 9 is ment to read;

    not talkin adout the RIRA you were NOT talkin

  6. shaide says:

    I am sorry, BUT the IRA is labeled as a terrorist group. There is a VERY fine line between freedom fighter and terrorist. When they bomb buildings in this day and age to get what they want by using tactics intended to send terror into the hearts of those they are fighting…its terrorism.

    RIRA/IRA it’s a little hard to make a distinction, and in fairness just because the IRA has changed their tactics in recent years does NOT make them any less of a terrorist.

    As for the RIRA even YOU can not seriously stand there and tell me they aren’t terrorists when every anti-terrorist squad in the free world has them labeled as so.

    I’m not saying that they are any worse than when the Americans were fighting against the brits for freedom and throwing their tea in the water….but that was a completely different era. Things dont need to be blown up and people killed to achieve what you want in todays society….that’s what votes are for…THATS what makes the IRIA terrorists….

    I want California annexed from the US…As do a large amount of other californians……if we However decided to take up arms, blowing up governement buildings, killing men, women and children in an attempt to BULLY the powers that be into doing what we as a group want…it’s terrorism…We get a poll going instead and see what the majority of the people want.

    IF you are refering STRICTLY to the original IRA, the ones started in the early 1900’s then yes…I will conceede that those men were to a degree heros…however what they became was a twisted reflection of what they were.

  7. tim says:

    Sorry i have not responded till now, but with your last comment i agerr, but thats is not to say that ther are not men and wemon in the republican Army that are not good people just workin for a just cause.

    to say todays society can be changen by the people or voters is just naive, force is often neded.

    and you do no that annex means to incorporate territory into an existing political unit such as a country, state, county, or city. ie to add or attach.did u meen remove if so can u tell me more?? this intreste me, maby mak a blog an pots the link

    and u r rit to say there is a VERY fine line between freedom fighter and terrorist, but who is to make that call?!?!? the oppreser? that is just not fair.

    dose the end justify the means??? yes i believe so.
    but you should hear both sides of the story b4 u make up ur mind go onto some republican wed sites, thes men have been protrayed in a bad way

  8. Shaide says:

    Yea, yer right…my bad, I meant secession. As for a post, yea, i might do that, will have to look around for URLs, but theres a number of them im sure..even have a few buried in my bookmarks.

    Also, sorry about the delay in responding…things have been a bit off on a personal level lately, so the internet has taken a bit of a backseat..but its mostly all good now ^_^

  9. irishone says:

    The I.R.A i think were not terriosts more rebels then anything and they were fighting for what they believed in…

  10. Ryan Charette says:

    yes! the IRA and its affiliats are known as “terrorists”, this is a term used to keep masses subserviant and docile. I SIR WILL NOT COWER IN FEAR over any TYRANICAL MONARCH, your remarks about the 1998 bombings are very weak and reley on the aesthetical and weak minded thoughts of bleading hearts who have never been under the boot of a diabolical evil such as the british. there is a reason those people died, I am not one for genoocide or the sensless murder of children, I am not a madman, I belive in taking measures in excess so that a statement will not be oversought, moreover I belive if you let yourself belive in the safty venier of the british monarch you should be killed because you are obviously dead, and void of knowlage, your blinders are on.


  11. Ryan Charette says:

    Lets also not forget that the US State Department has labeled the real IRA as a foreign terrorist organisation.

    So, they are Terrorists both by their actions and by government designation. Obviously then there can be no doubt, that they are terrorists.

    – you have the mentality of a beaten animal
    like I said befor “terrorist” is a word created by a capitolist regime committed to keeping good honest working class people subserviant and in a shadow of oncoming fear

  12. Stephen Stingleah says:

    First Said We Are Not Terrorists. That includes The PIRA and its supporters.
    and about the US saying they are a terroist group is obscene. The united states has killed alot of innocent people. The PIRA wants the brits out. As opposed to the US dipping their nose in everyones business. The PIRA has a real cause. Innocent lives are lost in any revolution. The US is not labled as a terrorist group. And in regards to Ryan Charette i agree 100%. U may call us terrorists but in every revolution people die that is a fact of life. Some means used to get freedom are not the best ways to do it. but if a few innocent people die ( god rest their souls) and in the end its makes it better for the majority. then those people did not die in vein.


  13. irishone says:

    I agree with both of u and what u guys said are really good points…almost every country could be consider terrorists….And the british have no right to be in Ireland and the Irish People have every right to fight for Ireland

  14. the ira has done everthing for the good of ireland i belive in them 100% if i could fight for the couse i would becasue i might be american but i consider myself irish, they are a great orginzation and all i have to say is BRITS NEED TO GET OUT OF IRELAND…IRA forever!!!!!

  15. Bobo says:

    And Matthew killed the entire discussion with odd talk of being american by considering himself irish.

    As for the guy who said that the OP point is the mentality of a people who hasnt been under the boot of the evil brit. Im pretty sure yanks were under the brits boots and then beat their ass. Were they terrorists then? Yea, a lot of them were. Guerilla fighters i consider terrorits as well.

    As for the US government not being labeled a terrorist group…lets look at it with some smarts here…maybe, just MAYBE it’s because if a GOVERNMENT! Last I looked PIRA is not government nor connected anyway….it would be like me picking up a gun and saying “I dont like how things are and to prove it im going to kill innocent people.”

    HOW Is the actions of the IRA any different that Al-Queda? can someone please point out where these two are different then other than location?

  16. irishone says:

    beacause the RIRA isnt killing innocent people and there fighting for indepence from the United quida is killing innocent people and bombing everything you dont see the RIRA hi-jacking planes and crashing them into buildingsdo you?

  17. shaide says:

    Are you fricken kidding me? RIRA hasn’t killed any innocents? None? Thats utter BS….and No, they may not have flown planes into say..the parliment, but if they had half a chance they would.

    Other terrorist groups haven’t done the plane thing either, trust me..that doesn’t make them any less a terrorist…Flying planes into buildings is NOT the deffinition of a terrorist.

    “a person who terrorizes or frightens others.” That to me sounds like RIRA.

  18. Pride says:

    With references to the News Papers article (4/9/2008 The Papers says the IRA is gone) Regarding the build up to the end of Terrorism in Northern Ireland and main land England. Tony Blair the ex prime Minister had very little to do with the ceasefire of July 1997. But John Maker, ex prime Minister e.g. (1990 to 1997) he had laid the foundations work for the Good Friday Agreement, in 1993 his government had secret talks with the PIRA and Loyalists. It led to the Anglo-Irish Downing street Declaration. In the 1994 Ceasefire John Major, said when in office,(“We are beyond the beginning but we are not yet in sight of the end”) r.e. (BBC on this day 31/1994 IRA declares complete ceasefire.) If it hadn’t been for the end of the cold war, or the reflection of change in the international scene, which made space for a new political space now existing which did not exist before in 1994, they may have carried on looking across the sea to the Irish Americans for financial support re.(The Discreet Charm of the Terrorist Cause by Anne Apple-pie.) Was it not that the ex prime minister Margaret Thatcher, e.g. (1979 to 1990 )said when in office that, (“We would never bow down to Terrorists,”) then asked President Ronald Reagan, to stop them PIRA, as they were the primary source of funding. And even after that they were widely tolerated until the Terrorist attack in 2001 on the twin towers by Bimladen.

    They say the terrorist in Northern Ireland has gone. so what about the RIRA e.g. (Real Irish Republicans army) also known as the True IRA, formed in the 1998 as a political pressure group and armed wing group, (with was responsible for the Omagh bombing in 1998,) with Aims to unifying Ireland, without the British main land. Left the IRA, in protest of the Amendment in December 1999. As of 2003 the IRA, are not lased as a terrorist group operating in Ireland or Britain, but the RIRA, are still listed in the US Department of State, a terrorist organization operating in Northern Ireland, Irish Republic and Great Britain, re.(Real IRA

    In 2007 the Real IRA, said they had renounced violence and had agreed to look at more peaceful ways with the Republican IRA, re.(The Observer by Henry McDonald,) In 2007/2008 they have engaged in murders, robbery’s and attacks on the Irish Garda and on the RUC, re.(The Guardian by Henry McDonald.) Most resent Statement RIRA, wants soldiers back on the streets re.( Balrog An Irish Republican perspective on life.) In the papers on the 26/08/2008 an article says ex IRA, prisoners can not get jobs, but aren’t they actively engaged in using their expertise in training other freedom fighters in other troubled countries re.(Globalization Terrorism ,The FARC-Real IRA Connection.)

    What the PIRA, have achieved. An internal British Army document released in 2007, stated an expert opinion , that the British Army had failed to defeat the IRA, by force of arms but also claims to have shown the IRA, that it could not achieve its ends through violence. The military assessment describes the IRA, as a professional, dedicated, highly skilled, resilient army. In my opinion also, the humiliation of the British Government by negotiations with Terrorists.

    With the incredibility in the world scene, now Russia, has started a new cold war with America, and is aliening its self with other anti American countries. Europe’s peace has been broken, with the problems in the Middle East, and with it’s large commitment of British solders in joint would policing, the Real IRA, will find it easier to get financial support from sympathetic countries. To carry on their Treasonous way’s in the Irish Republic and United Kingdom. But why should this phenomenon be so incomprehensible or inexplicable, at least to Americans? They did after all, once tolerate the phenomenon themselves.

  19. Cybr_snake says:

    ok all i have to say is this:
    im 100% irish and proud to be irish and i hold my head high in the darkest and worsed situations of everyday life,…….

    i Believe that my country should be unified as one whole ireland,….

    but the fact of the matter is,..that more then half of the population in the north of ireland shows its allegiance to the crown therefore a vote is out of the question,………

    hence forth the north cannot be taking back by a mere vote/debate/ballot,……..

    i look on the society of today and all i see of my countrymen is asense of fear,lack of respect and no honour,..

    ,…back in the days of old when we were oppressed by the crown the people of ireland were one,…the had a sense of honur,respect and hearts of gold,…..we cared not for greed nor glory but for freedom and what was right,…..

    but since then the majority of irish people have grown greedy,,…selfish and loathing,……

    i personally belive in the IRA’s goals but not the way they have done some things,…..but it happened for a reason and those reasons were there own,…….

    all of you non-irish people have to see where we Patriotic Irish are coming from,……….now adays we dont come in such abundance as 100yrs ago,…or so,… pleaseunderstand that we want our country as one not as 2 divided parts,…..all prejudice,racism and hate aside,…we are entitled to our country,…

    for 800 years we fought one of the worlds most powerful nations,…we a bunch of farmers and boggers,……what did we fight with,…hurleys,..stones and bravery,…..and for 800 years we rebelled in every generation,…the only country to never stop fighting for what was ours,..our country,,…..wrongfully taken by a greedy predictable nation,…

    thats all i have to say,..i wil not reply to any comments hence forth….

    for i was just sharing how i feel about my country, countrymen and what i feel everyday,……….

    a bid u all farewell and have good lives,……

    Slan go Fhoill a chara

  20. irishone says:

    A lot of countrys strike fear into people so thier terrorists too?

  21. shaide says:

    “The thing is though, that the line between Freedom Fighter and Terrorist is a VERY thin line, and a line I believe they might have crossed on numberous occasions, though in all fairness I think most Freedom fighting groups have crossed that line, even government sanctioned military forces have.”

    I would have to say “Yes” to a degree, some countries perform acts of terror, the united states included. HOWEVER these are government funded military forces, using money provided BY their people. Some countries, like the united states and other “Free countries” can have their leaders removed from office if the majority is against that leaders tactics, and also get a chance to put someone else in place every election.

    As one commenter here said….

    “but the fact of the matter is,..that more then half of the population in the north of ireland shows its allegiance to the crown therefore a vote is out of the question”

    What does that tell me? That the majority of the country thinks things are fine. that the RIRA isn’t fighting for the majorities wants or needs, but the minority, and that they aren’t working for the greater good, other than what they seem to think is best for them. It’s a terrorist organisation…No if, and or but about it.

    Are they right in their actions? Depends on who you ask..I know some Irish that hve been hurt by the RIRAs actions…I know, small price to pay for the greater god…but again, the majority is fine with how things are.

  22. IrishAmerican says:

    by now you all know the IRA has struck Northern Ireland again by killing 2 British soldiers earlier in the year. and i have one thing to say, who cares if British soldiers or British people in Northern Ireland die. they came there and they understood the risk so its the Brits fault. why should they be given any peace anyway? they killed millions from oppressing the Irish, so i say the IRA needs to at least take back Northern Ireland regardless of the price.

    Oh and here’s another thought, what if people broke into your home and killed you and your family, would they be able to keep the house? No, but lets look at it on a larger scale. What if the U.S. decided to take over Northern England, then we kill tons of Brits and make it our 51st state. Would any Brits allow that? No, the Brits are hipocrits.

    I know plenty of Americans here that want to help the forms of the IRA get their land back. And i know that most Irishmen want their land back. So if everyone helps out the Brits don’t stand a chance in the slightest.

    Tiocfaidh Ar La

    • Bri says:

      You are an arrogant yank prick! you go on about Britt this and Britt that and who cares if britts are killed! Could i say the same in Afghanistan when your guys are killed? maybe i could have the attitude who cares they are only Americans! And bare in mind you arrogant tosser that for all your hatred of Britain it is our country that is standing by you in Afghanistan as we did in Iraq! Tossers like you piss me off when you cant have a proper debate purely cause you havent got the mentality to do so!

      • shaide says:

        Well, lets not make claims that ALL americans are yank pricks. I mean, i’m the one that said they were terrorists and I am american!

  23. Dennis says:

    You say the IRA are terrorists by actions and government designation. I don’t believe that just because one group decides to label another means that the label is true. Would you believe that Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization? Undoubtedly I’m sure- but what do they call Americans? If they label Americans, are Americans not then whatever the label is? Remember, you can’t hold a double standard just because you don’t like one side.
    As far as terrorists by actions- let’s stop and remember a little place called the Derry Bogside. Let’s also look at all the civilians killed by the brits over the years. Do these actions then make the british military a terrorist group?
    What the essential point to remember is- is that England occupied a prior soverign country and declared itself ruler- much as it did with India, Hong Kong, etc. These other countries have been returned to self rule (yes I understand Hong Kong is ruled by China) however England is maintaining a strangle hold on Ireland and Scotland.
    In terms of history, it was not that long ago that the United States (originally made up of predominately English colonies) decided it did not want to be ruled by England and fought for independence. Americans call George Washington and his contemporaries heros- I say too that any man or woman fighting for the freedom of their country is a hero.

  24. MAC says:

    The fact of the matter is, the Provisional IRA ha been disbanded, and although were involved in some questionable situations in latter years overall they were fighting for a ‘good’ cause. However, there are a couple of break-away groups of the IRA namely the Real IRA and the Continuity IRA. These groups continue to bring terror into Northern Ireland, despite the IRA disbanding. I believe, that violence is not or never has been the solution to achieving a United Ireland, and to be fair the battle for complete independence has probably gone on too long, now perhaps it is time that Irish Nationalists realise that the killing is just causing suffering and that they are getting nowhere using force.

  25. Cathal says:

    Learn the facts, the Provisional I.R.A. started as a group to defend Nationalist communities.
    The Nationalists here were attacked regularly, no-one stood-up for them.
    Loyalist gangs were founded in the mid-’60s, the R.U.C. at the time was 98% Protestant.
    It was impossible for Nationalists to be heard without violence, they didn’t have the right to vote.
    When they peacefully campaigned for rights, they were attacked(Bloody Sunday 1972, Bogside 1969).
    Civil rights lawyers were executed by Loyalist gangs, who turned out to be colluding with British Forces(Pat Finucane, Rosemary Nelson).
    Violence was the only way to achieve things.
    You’re calling us terrorists?
    The Brits supported gangs of Loyalists(“Subversion In The U.D.R.”, Miami Showband Massacre, the execution of John Francis Green), so the Brits were as much terrorists as we were, they attacked first.
    The Provos inflicted their first casualties in the Defence Of Saint Matthew’s Church, early ’70s, and only became the group they are today after children and a priest were attacked by British soldiers.
    The Provisional I.R.A. are still around actually, they never disbanded.
    They still police Nationalist areas.

  26. Caelian says:

    The Brits could have stopped everything at any point… by no longer trying to run the world. All they had to do to make sure the IRA “retired” their cause for good was let Ireland govern Ireland. Keep in mind, when you call them terrorists, that this is the same fight America faced when fighting for our own freedom… from the same government… I am sure when American soldiers stopped standing in lines to be shot and instead hid in tree lines and used guerrilla tactics they were called terrorists to. And unfortunately and sadly today Ireland is still cut in half… it’s sad, and something that shouldn’t be seen these days.

    Tiocfaidh ár lá

  27. Steve says:

    Where can I get a flag like that? I’ve looked everywhere and cant find it.

  28. Admin says:

    @Steve & Jeff I have no clue where one would find a flag like that..Sorry.

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