Second Life Fashion critics

Posted: November 5, 2007 in SecondLife, WWW and beyond!
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You all have by now heard of Second Life, especially if you have read my blog in the past. Second Life is actually quite a big thing, and has been featured in numberous television shows, and has so many movie/Television Tie-in’s, you would not believe.

If however you are one of the few people who don’t have a clue what Second Life is, I suggest you either read a bit through the Second Life section of my blog OR visit the official Second Life website, maybe sign up for a free account and experience it all for yourself.

One thing I haven’t mentioned about Second Life, is that one of the big things in the virtual world much like the real world, is fashion! The Internet is filled with a plethora of SL fashion sites, where they discuss the looks that are all the rage, what Second Lifes top designers are doing, Also many where they throw together outfits and tell you how to achieve their glorious looks! Many, if not most, if not all are NOT actually professional fashion critics in their real life, some have horrible taste even, but thanks to the glory of the ‘net, anyone can attempt to be a fashion critic!

One interesting and unique website/blog is called Second Life Fashion Police, and it’s even a blog hosted on the same server as my blog…Good ol’ WordPress! Now, this site is fairly unique, however unique doesn’t mean GOOD. What this blog does, is take screenshots of people who dress odd in Secondlife, and then they begin to ridicule and make fun of the outfits, shapes or whatever that the person is wearing. Some of the “Contributers” haven’t even a clue what they are talking about and unable to name pieces being worn by the avatars, and just come up with creative names like “Blingy thing” and “whatever that is.” Please note, those are not actual quotes, just examples of the naming styles they use.

Granted many of the people shown there DO have their avatars dressed quite outlandish, however in all fairness that might be what they are going for. Perhaps they want an off the wall crazy look. Perhaps they want their avatar to be fat, or a mannly looking female avatar. If that’s what they are wanting, congrats! Pay on the shoulder, desired look achieved. It’s Second Life…a world where its not odd to see someone running around naked, wearing slave silks and a collar or even to see a bipedal wolf walking around smoking a cigar, wearing a leather jacket, chaps and a cowboy hat. Fact of the matter is Second Life fashion is not cookie cutter fashion. People should wear what they like, what they feel expresses themselves on their virtual character…Not what some pencil pusher from michigan who has an avatar that someone said “Wow, nice shoes” to once and all of a sudden started thinking he was gods gift to fashion.

Be your self…That simple.

Will I still go to their site/blog? Yea, probably…it can be funny….even if it’s just ridiculous! heh


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