Gamefly: Gamers delight?

Posted: November 1, 2007 in Gaming, WWW and beyond!
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There’s a website out called Gamefly. It’s been out for several years now, and they provide a nifty service to the gaming population. It’s an online game rental service that works VERY similar to NetFlix. You choose a game you want, they mail it to you, when you are done or bored with it, you mail the game back in a handy stamped envelope that they provide. When they get the game back they grab a game from the top of your Que and ship it off to you.

Gamefly has games from all the major game consoles, from the last generation to the current generation. Also hand held games for the GBA and PSP and so fourth. All of these can be rented, delivered to your door and enjoyed..You don’t need a stinkin’ video store that rents em…Chances are if there’s a game yer wanting..they have it!

Ok, so now yer thinking “Fantastic! Sounds like a gamers dream! Where do I sign up??” Well, stop thinking right there for a minute mister Chuckle bean. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and you as a gamer should know that all too well….Usually thats half the game plots that revolve around that saying! You should know it full well by now!

Ok, so whats the downside you ask? I’ll tell you! First, the service is a little expensive, though in their defense games are also more expensive than DVDs, so thats why you are going to be paying more than you might normally expect to be paying..the cost is justifiable..However there is more than a hefty price tag for the service.

I signed up on the service and choose my first batch of games…I waited, eagerly looking forward to yummy gaming goodness! Nothing came..I continued waiting and after nearly a week I got my games! Yay! I thought this seemed like an awfully long time to wait though, but I had just signed up, and most likely they needed to verify my billing info, so could understand the delay.

I played the games and didn’t care for any of them, happy that I didn’t purchase the games like I had planned to..I shipped the games back off to Gamefly at the same time that I also sent in my last batch of Netflix movies.

Time passes and Netflix recieves my movies. No word from Gamefly. More time passes and I recieve my netflix movies. Still no word from Gamefly. I watch the DVDs..(3 movies) and mail them back to netflix. Still no word from Gamefly. I recieve notice Netflix has recieved my movies..STILL no notice from Gamefly.

At this point I am getting frustrated. I am about to wright Gamefly a nasty letter when I recieve a letter from Gamefly stating they had recieved my games and will be shipping out my next batch in the next 48 hours and that I should recieve them within 7 days after shipping.

This is insane…half the month is used for shipping! I am hoping all of this is just some fluke…I should be recieving my Netflix movies tomorrow…and I am betting that I will get to watch those movies, mail them back and get the next batch before Gamefly reaches me…

Pathetic so far…

  1. Josh says:

    Hey, that’s ridiculous but it’s gotta be a fluke. Write them or call them. Definitely. Their CS works. I’ve used GameFly for two years and have had a few shipping glitches but nothing that would detract from the overall benefit of membership. Ride it out and should things level off. I average 3 days turnaround on most games.

    So, unless you’re out in the boondocks somewhere…I’m in upstate New York and since they opened a center in PA, service has been great. I’d say hold on and see what happens. It’s a great way to play tons of games, and then send em back when your done or if you don’t like them or keep games you love for a discount.

    Read over the past few month that their opening more distribution centers and starting up buying games from members for credit. Not only is it cheap, but their perks pretty much pay for the membership.

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  3. shaide says:

    about the GBA? Well, it’s portable and has back lighting so you can play anywhere, even in the dark if it suits you. Lots of nifty gadgets and attachments to enhance your gaming experience…There’s even an attachment for the Game Cube that enables you to play your GBA games through your GameCube system, thus allowing you to play your games on a large screen.

    Overall a great handheld game system that was really the greatest for it’s time…however it’s time has passed in my opinion. It’s an old system, and there are better handhelds out now. Doesn’t mean it’s crap..Simply outdated! If you don’t own a GBA you should get one..the prices are quite cheap nowadays, and there’s really no excuses…it’s kinda like reliving the 16 bit gaming era over again, but this time with new game titles..However don’t expect the GBA to be supported too much longer(Assuming it even is still supported).

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