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So, i’ve been watching a lot of TV lately(Although since the Writers strike, there’s not a whole lot to watch right now. Thank god for Reality TV O.o) and I have to say, this season of TV programming has been..somewhat poor compared to previous seasons. Even Television shows I loved last season, aren’t that interesting this season. Shows like Smallville, Heroes and Ghost Whisperer to name just a few have been mediocre at best…and pathetic at worst. I continue to watch them, not because they are good and I have been loving the episodes, but because I have invested so much time into the shows from previous seasons, i just dont want to toss them out the window just YET.

Although I am hoping for a good run of shows coming up…Knock on wood. Doctor Who should be begining it’s next season over here on sci-fi channel soon I think…or at least “Soonish”. “Psych” and “Monk” will be having a Xmas special and “Jericho” will be starting…So, my hopes lay on the backs of these returning shows, and I am eagerly looking forward to the breaks from these tired shows this past season. Perhaps after a nice little rest, they can get their act together and become once more the shows I originally fell in love with.


I have never denied the fact that I love comic books, in particular Marvel comics! Yes, I am a “Marvel Geek” and proud of it! Comic books allow you to enter an ongoing world of pure fantasy, but not so far removed as to be totally unfamiliar to the reader. It’s a world where ANYTHING can happen, and you can associate with it, because the towns, the buildings and all that are things you already know. On top of that, Marvel(As well as DC) have been around so long, that the universe of their comic books has such a rich history, that goes back farther than my existance!

So, why Marvel over DC? Well, several reasons! One is that I think the Marvel Comics universe is more realistic. Yes I know, that doesnt even make sense! People swinging from weblines? Gods chilling at the corner Starbucks? How can that even be remotely realistic? What I mean, is in comparison to DC. The cities in Marvel Comics are REAL Cities, the president is our president! It’s exactly our world, with one small difference….Super Powered entities(And the occasional alien invasion, interdimensional shifting, Time warp and near death catastrophies that happen on nearly an hourly basis)!

Plus, Marvel characters are more “Human”, and the comics focus on that humanity. It’s not just a guy in a mask doing remarkable good, with the occasional glimpse at a face behind the mask! No! Not only do we get to watch our favorite hero’s thwart an alien invasion, but also watch him figure out how he’s gonna pay his electric bill, or the damage that his heroic deeds does to his homelife.

Now, that out of the way..The main point of this post is to inform everyone about Digital Marvel Comics! A service from Marvel, that allows you to subscribe for a very small ammount, and read THOUSANDS of their comics on-line! Past as well as present! Plus, even if you manage to read all of the titles, Marvel adds new titles EVERY week! You don’t ever have to worry about running out! Plus, it’s a good way to get caught up with your favorite heros, or just check out some of the amazing story arcs that shook the Marvel universe to it’s core..Like my personal favorite: “The Others” Spider-man Story Arc!

If you enjoy comics, do yourself a favor and check it out!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t believe the “2 girls 1 cup” video is as disgusting or as gross as people make it out..True, it is gross….but, well you can read my thoughts on that particular subject in that particular post…I however decided to doo a “Reaction video” to show exactly how NOT vomit inducing it is…This is an actual vid of me watching the clip…which is a far cry from all the other reaction vids where people begin puking like a fountain. If you wish to see this video, click the continue reading link.


Some of you might have heard about the 2 year old indian girl who was having to go into surgery to have 8 limbs removed. For those interested more on that can be read on the ABC website. Else you can click “More” and read it here. It’s actually quite touching..I usually don’t put a whole lot of Current events on my blog but wanted to post this here because it is quite fascinating and as I mentioned touching. 


Ok, there’s this video floating around the internet called “2 girls 1 cup”. It’s supposedly the grossest video EVER in the history of the world. I’m not linking to it here, because it is of an adult nature, and also because quite honestly, if you have the internet and an email account and friends who have the internet and email most likely have seen the video already. If however you are one of the few who havent seen the video, it shouldn’t take too long to do some digging on the web and find it.

Here’s the thing: Yes, the video is definately gross. I however do not agree that it’s the grossest video EVER. It might rank in the top 10…but not the number 1 spot. People talk about how they spent hours throwing up watching this video, and I think people are exagerating things just a tiny bit. I certainly didn’t puke, or even come anywhere close to puking..I pulled a face or two, and maybe shook my head, but that was the extent of my disgust. Personally, I end up getting more grossed out by the “Reaction” videos where they video themselve puking at watching the video.

So, for all those who’ve seen the video, im curious what your thoughts and views are of it..honestly!

So, I went over to Yahoo! Answers today, just to have a peek around and noticed my “Points” count, and thought “Wow! I’m like a Demon or summin….How cool is that???” See?

mark of the beast

We all love it! In fact, I once hear that Odin breast fed his own baby Thor Nachos! So, I think we should offer Nachos a little tribute..mine will be in the form of a Limerick..


There was a man who was all Macho,
who would eat nacho after nacho.
People started to look and stare
when the man soon broke air,
but blamed it on his dog named Poncho.

Thank you! Thank you very much!