KOTOR: Online?

Posted: October 31, 2007 in Gaming, MMORPGs
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Well, fans of the Knights of the Old Republic gaming franchise should be dancing a little jig..possibly. Apparently there’s a rumor traveling around the rumor mill that the next KOTOR game will actually be an MMORPG. Not sure if this will replace the talked about KOTOR III title, or will be produced alongside(Possibly using KOTOR III to set the stage for the events of KOTOR Online? One can only speculate.)

I am a huge KOTOR fan, and am hoping the rumors are true. I would love nothing more than to play KOTOR online. As for what the premise would be? Could be anything really, but most of the internet populace is hoping for a game set during the Mandalorian wars, and since that’s what the peoples are wanting..i’m thinking there is a fairly large chance the people will get it.

I’ll wrap this up with my speculation on what to expect. I believe KOTOR Online will be KOTOR 3 and will be the final one in the franchise(All good star wars sagas have three chapters, and what better finale than an online version? That’s been something people have been wanting since the first one was released). It will most likely be set during the Mandalorian wars. You will begin the game by waking up in a space ship without any memory of who you are.

No matter what, I am sure it will be good since it’s being released by BioWare.

  1. Pig Benis-SWG \Tempest says:

    I so want that to happen, dang I even like talking about that happening 🙂

  2. Lordofwar SWG farstar says:

    the idea is possible, however we only have 2 days to see whats going to happen, there is a possibility the game to be during the last sith wars… with lord kaans Brotherhood of darkness against the jedi, and the Ruusan planet to be one big battlefield… the mandalorian wars are another interesting charpter and i just hope Bioware dosnt mess up the game as SOE did to Star Wars Galaxies!

    Cross your fingers, this shud be exiting!!!

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