Call of Jaurez review – xbox 360

Posted: October 29, 2007 in Gaming
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Juarez!This is a story driven first person shooter based out of the wild west. The graphics are outstanding, but that has come to be expected when a game rests on the sheer brute power of the xbox 360 game console.

The two main playable characters are interesting and each has their own play style and abilities. Over time you will end up having a favorite of the two characters. Some might prefer that characters back story, personality or skills and abilities.

The levels do tend to get boring and repetitive however. Though the graphics help bring the levels to life, they do still get very boring. With the game being set in the wild west, they all tend to look exactly alike. Dust covered trails, old wooden buildings and lots and lots of brush..and the occasional mine thrown in to add a splash of difference.

The weapons are boring as well, but to be fair it’s the 1800’s, and you aren’t going to get anything that screams “Wow”. Sorry, no alien lasers. Just hand guns, rifles and TNT…although the bible does prove to be an interesting “Weapon” when using the rev.

As far as vehicles go, there’s horses you can ride, though they are a bit difficult to control, and using a weapon while riding high in the saddle? Next to impossible.

The difficulty of the game isn’t really that hard either, even when on the higher difficulty settings, which means most gamers will just zoom through this title, so if you are looking for a drawn out epic title, you might be disappointed with this.

Over all, I would say this title is slightly below average, and could have been improved on so many levels. It has it’s upsides as well as it’s downsides, so it depends on what you look for in a game. To me? This just didn’t make the grade.

overall, i would give this game a 4 out of 10 stars. Not that great, but could have been a lot worse.


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