CSI: NY – Second Life?

Posted: October 28, 2007 in Gaming, SecondLife, WWW and beyond!
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some of you may have read a recent entry of mine where I went on about the Second Life based game for the movie I am legend? Well, it has happened again, this time however instead of it being for a movie, it is for a television show. The TV show is CSI: Ny, and they apparently have created an MMO based INSIDE the world of Second Life.

The game is interesting, and actually quite fun. The premise is that you travel through the virtual “Mean streets” of new york and investigate odd murders. New ones are supposedly going to be added regularly. To help you investigate and solve these often times strange cases of foul play, you can use the nifty handy dandy forensic lab!

The virtual new york however doesnt look very dirty, in fact it has more shine than an Imperial battle cruiser from Star Wars…Or even Darth Vaders armor! In fact unless you search and scour, you won’t even find any graffiti..I have only spotted one, and that was nicely tucked away.

The CSI:NY – Secondlife project also sports a new client for playing in Second Life..I can’t say if that’s any good, since I didn’t feel the need to grab it. You don’t NEED it, if you already have a SL client, and I didn’t want to bother with the Download, and then have to figure out where everything is.

Apparently though I am Legend wasn’t the first one to do a SL tie-in…and CSI:NY wasnt the first to do a TV show Tie-in. I recently discovered that Gossip Girl has their own little thing. I have no clue what the Gossip Girl areas of Second Life are like, or even what the show is about, however I just felt I would mention that in case somebody was interested.


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