2012: The end of the world

Posted: October 9, 2007 in News and current events, WWW and beyond!
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Where will you be, and what will you be doing when the world comes to an end in the year 2012? Yea, according to those zany mayans, we are gonna be non-existant come the year 2012! It’s true! We know this because that’s when their calendar ends! That’s right, so, their calendar ends, and of course the only LOGICAL reason would be the end of the world.

It would be silly illogical to assume that they ended their calendar there cause they were pretty sure come that time they would need a new higher fashion calendar, or that they might just have had a plan on moving to a beach house condo come 2012…Nope, has to be the end of the world. That’s logic for ya people.

So, what are you gonna be doing? I’ll tell you what I will be doing! I’ll either be ordering a pizza, watching TV, spending time with my bubby or playing a random MMORPG. Cause I am sure there will be a pretty spiffy one out in 5 years time.

So, how’s the world gonna end? Well, im betting some form of Zombie creating plague will strike the populace of the world, and Zombieitis will spread across the globe, and we will either become a Zombie, or have our brains eaten….Although im curious what happens when the zombies run out of brains…

  1. Ed says:

    I like the site http://www.polereversal.com

    They have great discussion forum and news articles on 2012, pole shifts, and the mayan calendar.

  2. Bradly says:

    the world is gonna end december 22 or 21 2012 its sad to know but i beleive its too late to stop

  3. shaide says:

    It is huh? Now, im not familiar with all the doomsday tales and all that hubba balubba, so I don’t know WHY some people believe this. I know some believe it will end because the Mayans said so….sorta.

    Scuse me, had to scoff for a minute. The whole idea that any prophecy about the end of the world would be taken seriously cracks me up to no end.

    EVEN if scientists all over the globe backed this because of scientific data they have in their possesion, they STILL would not be able to determine right down to the day when earth will perish…hell, we can’t even very accurately predict earthquakes..let alone the apocalypse.

    So, to me? This is just another Y2K end of the world belief that’s never going to happen. Since the dawn of time man has believed the end of the world was close at hand. Even ancient man thought the eclipse was the end of times…so, you’ll excuse me if laugh my ass off at the idea that life will cease on that day ^_^

  4. joseph says:

    btw 2012 december 21 is the day that the sun hits dead center in the milky way and its not a prediction of the end its saying a new beginning which means the started from the start on the calender.. well thats what the intensions were when they created the calender.

  5. cookie says:

    oh well, even if the world does end, December 22nd is my birthday. So i will be celebrating my time and existence on Earth.

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