Still got Guildwars….

Posted: October 8, 2007 in All about ME!, Gaming, MMORPGs
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It's a ranger! Skeery eh?Remember a few days ago I mentioned how my main computer was having issues and that I was having to use an emergency computer? Also remember how I said that emergency computer couldn’t run any of my MMORPGs?

Well, I am STILL on the spare computer, and it still runs slow. However! A friend of mine helped me clear off some of the useless and pointless pre-installed Acer crap on the system, and that managed to speed it up a wee little bit! Not by leaps and bounds mind you, but sped up a touch. It was sped up enough so that I can at the VERY least still Play Guild Wars. Which is fine, because at the moment GW is my primary MMORPG addiction, followed by Lord of the Rings Online(Which also does play, just not worth’s jerky and the graphic textures are forced so low its not even nice looking)…

So, until my main comp gets bandaged up, I am stuck only being able to play Guildwars, but its an excellent game, and better than nothing right? Right!


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