Posted: October 8, 2007 in General
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I live in the united states, and apparently a holiday crept up on me without me even realising it was coming. Columbus day has appeared right out of the blue! I’m not even sure why we celebrate this day, he made europeans more aware of the united states? Who cares! It’s not like he discovered the place. The guy got lost and thought he was in india…Hell, I get lost everyday and nobody gives me a freakin’ holiday!

On top of that, apparently there’s no mail either! The USPS is close! Not sure about UPS or FedEx, but prolly as well, and this is an annoyance. I look forward to my mail. Perhaps I was expecting a spiffy computer part to get my main computer fixed….Did anyone think of that? Just think, if Columbus had stopped to ask directions, you might be recieving a letter in the mail, and i might be getting a package.


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