Breakdancing: Beats the foxtrot!

Posted: October 7, 2007 in 80's Flashback
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Its ok! No need to dial 911, hes just doing the freeze!Every era had their popular dance moves, and the 80’s were NO different. Breakdancing was what was big in the 80’s though in most cases dancers also included Popping, locking and other mixtures of hip-hop moves. 

Breakdancing tended to be done in talent shows, and am fairly certain that every talent show done in the 80s had at LEAST one person moonwalking or worming their way across the stage.

Breakdancing typically was done on street corners, on a slat of cardboard which served as their portable dancefloor, and their oversized boombox spitting out a hiphop beat the echoed throughout the whole city.

In fact! Breakdancing was so popular in the 80s, some movie companies tried cashing in on the popularity and released movies based around breakdancing…One of the more classic titles is “Breakin’ 2: electric Boogaloo“. I am not saying it’s good, but it’s quite possibly the best of the batch of breakdancing movies(Which isn’t saying much)

  1. darren ennis says:

    it is fucking sick amn

  2. darren ennis says:

    it is fucking sick man

  3. Loki says:

    damn straight

  4. Dante says:

    Hey doyou think tha tyou could find out if there are any good breakdancing teachers in redlands california cuz im ok but im not looking to be ok im looking to be great cuz my attitude is if your not first then your last and im tire of being last so i was wondering if anyone could help me out

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