Good show, but apparently not good enough.Journeyman is a TV series currently(At least at the time of this writing) being aired on NBC. It’s a decent show, however the premise isn’t one that appeals to a broad audience. It’s about this guy, who gets headaches and ends up traveling through time to alter the lives of people in a positive way. Not only does he find himself seemingly bouncing randomly through time, but he also has to juggle this with his personal life, and professional life.

Confusing? Little bit! Like with any show or movie dealing with Time travel, it is full of holes, and can generally be quite confusing, and that can really turn people off a TV Series. In fact I can only think of 2 succesful Time Traveling TV shows(Although there most likely are more, i just can’t think of them) and that’s Quantum Leap and 7 Days…Both of which Journeyman borrows aspects from to assimilate into their own Science fiction trek through the chronosphere.

One more drawback, is that the show is yet ANOTHER serial, which means you have to watch every episode or find yourself totally lost and confused if you happen to miss one. This is annoying, due to the fact that there are several serials already on the aire…Too many for my liking, and adding a new one into the already brimming bowl of established serials is Television suicide.

Journeyman has shown two episodes so far, however the show is very close to cancelation. which isn’t surprising at all. Though I enjoy the series immensely I knew due to the topic of the show, that it wouldn’t last. In fact, the third airing could be it’s final one, because if ratings don’t pick up by then, Journeyman may fade away into the time stream, never to be heard from again.

On the upside? The third episode APPEARS to be a good one that takes place during the San Francisco earthquakes. The Special FX look great, at least from the previous episodes “Next week Teaser”. So, there is a chance that particular episode COULD mark an increase in ratings, and a slim chance that the show might continue, but don’t hold your breath folks.


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