Cavemen Series on ABC

Posted: October 4, 2007 in Tv is good
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Say it aint so!!!ABC went and turned the Caveman characters from the Geico ads into a TV series. Hard to believe, I know…But saddly it’s 100% true. I sat through the first episode, and my thoughts on this series isn’t good. Would I say it’s the worst TV show ever released? Well that would be kind of harsh considering TV stations have released some pretty stinking shows..Like The Chevy Chase Show, Cop Rock, That 80s Show, Barney & Friends and Teletubbies….However it is true..In my Opinion “Cavemen” is the WORST show on television, and that has ever BEEN on television.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there was no second episode aired, and if they DO air a second episode, it was only because they didn’t realise what a tragic mistake they made. In which case a second episode might air, and then when they go over the ratings, read through their piles of mail and discover that people really think this show sucks big piles of donkey doo…THEN they will realise the mistake yank the third episode and replace it with repeats of “October Road“…Yea, that show sucks too, but in comparison, it was pure gold!

Nice try ABC, but please…WATCH the pilots of a show before adding them to your fall schedule…If you want to add garbage like this to your summer line-up…Go right ahead, nobody watches TV then…but fall? Use common sense people!!!

  1. Doug says:

    The problem is that these guys have never been to a cave, and their identity seems irrelevant to the plot line, and besides, I have more hair than they do. Bearded hippies as cavemen sipping white wine doesn’t seem appropriate.

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